Sunday, November 17

Rocks, Paper, Scissors Recap!

Well that was a hoot! This past Friday I had an art show open at Gallery 1988 in LA (as if you didn't know from my massive bombardment of tweets, Facebook posts, smoke signals, door to door campaigning, etc.) and just like that... it's all over! The show was called "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and was the culmination of 2 amazing artists (Brad Hill and Steff Bomb), 1 silly doodler (me), 3 different mediums and just about a year in the making. The show was focused on how 3 different artists would interpret 21 different movies and TV shows in their own style and medium. Brad created sculptures; Rock. I created prints; Paper. Steff created plush dolls; Scissors. Rocks, Paper, Scissors. As an added bonus we were all fortunate to actually attend the show (none of us live in or near California) and had a grand ol' time! Before this show I had only known these artists by their work but never actually knew them personally. Once we found out about the show way back in December 2012, my only contact with them was via email but I finally got to meet them for the first time opening night of the show! I could not have asked for 2 better artists to work with, they rule! Unfortunately, they both had to settle for working with me but I guess hanging my silly doodles next to their beautiful works of art only makes theirs look better. :) After coming up with a list of 21 choices (I should say a list of about 100 choices that we had to narrow down to 21) we were off to the races!

The show opening was a blast and I got to meet a lot of fans and even do some sketches for those patient enough to wait! For those who weren't able to attend Brad Hill took a bunch of photos of opening night which you view by clicking here.

If anyone is interested in picking up some of the remaining artwork (all 3 artists), click the link below to head over to Gallery 1988's website and scoring a few things before they are gone forever!

Huge thanks to everyone at Gallery 1988 who made this happen! Thanks to Jensen, Katie, John and Amber!

Below is a collage of all of my pieces as well as each individual one. There were 21 total pieces in all and 1 exclusives giveaway for those who attended the show. All pieces are a 10"x10" super low edition giclee print. They are all signed, numbered and printed on smooth, Fine Art, Moab Entrada Rag Natural 290 gsm, 21.5 mil.

If you miss out on any prints that sold out at the show or online I will have a few limited amount of prints to sell after the show has ended on November 30th. I will also be selling the original drawings that each piece is based after the show ends. If you are interested in getting one of the originals please email me!

"Nachos & TP"
Inspired by: Beavis and Butthead
Edition: 15

"The Dude"
Inspired by: The Big Lebowski
Edition: 10 (This was a special 5"x7" print given away to the first 10 guests at the show. Not available for purchase)
"69 Dudes!"
Inspired by: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Edition: 15

"This is Heavy..."
Inspired by: Back to the Future
Edition: 15

"Shoot the Glass"
Inspired by: Die Hard
Edition: 15

Inspired by: Family Matters
Edition: 12

"Dogs & Cats Living Together"
Inspired by: Ghostbusters
Edition: 12

"Sloth Love Chunk"
Inspired by: The Goonies
Edition: 12

"I'm a God, Not the God"
Inspired by: Groundhog Day
Edition: 12
"Go to Your Happy Place"
Inspired by: Happy Gilmore
Edition: 12

"Munsoned (v.) - To be up a creek without a paddle"
Inspired by: Kingpin
Edition: 12

"Meet You in the Meadow"
Inspired by: Moonrise Kingdom
Edition: 10

"Ron F@#%ing Swanson"
Inspired by: Parks and Recreation
Edition: 15

"I Don't Make Monkeys, I just Train'm"
Inspired by: Pee Wee's Big Adventure
Edition: 15

"19 O'clock and All... is Pipe"
Inspired by: The Adventures of Pete and Pete
Edition: 15

"Say "What" Again!?"
Inspired by: Pulp Fiction
Edition: 15

"Friends Forever"
Inspired by: Saved By the Bell
Edition: 12

"That's a Shame"
Inspired by: Seinfeld
Edition: 12

"Hell TV"
Inspired by: Stay Tuned
Edition: 10

"U62... Be There!"
Inspired by: UHF
Edition: 12

"Looking Down on Wayne's Basement"
Inspired by: Wayne's World
Edition:1 (This was a collaboration between Brad, Steff and myself. I did the background.)

"I Invented the Piano Key Necktie!"
Inspired by: Zoolander
Edition: 12

Thanks again for all those who helped and stay tuned for more fancy doodles!

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