Saturday, October 5

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Big news everyone! This November I am unbelievably proud to (finally) announce I will have a show opening up at Gallery 1988 (East) in Los Angeles, California! It was a trio show titled "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and featured the artwork of Brad Hill, Steff Bomb and myself! The idea behind this show is a very cool and unique concept. It features 3 artists who all have very different styles in 3 very different mediums. Brad creates beautiful sculptures (rock), I create silly prints (paper) and Steff creates amazing plushies (scissor). We came up with our very own list of 21 movies and TV shows that we will all collectively create in our own unique style and medium. This list is comprised of some fan favorites as well as some really cooky and bizarre choices that I'm not sure have ever been the subjects or sculptures, prints or plushies. I will have limited edition giclee prints for all 21 movies and TV shows in super limited edition quantities for purchase at the gallery (in person and on their website). There will even be a really fun piece for the show where all 3 artists worked together to create, using all 3 mediums in 1 fantastic piece! Myself along with Brad and Steff will all be at the opening reception on November 15th too so hopefully I will see you guys there! As an added bonus, I will have an exclusive print for the first 10 people to attend the show. Each one will have a little doodle on it and will never be for sale. It's a way for me to say thanks to all my fans and give something back! Stay tuned for more details as we get closer...

Show Info:
Show Opening: Friday, November 15th 2013
Location: Gallery 1988: East
Address: 7021 Melrose / Los Angeles, CA 90038
Opening Reception: 7–10pm (Friday, Nov 15th)

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