Friday, March 8


Full disclosure... I LOVE The Kids in the Hall! And this may be a bit obscure for some but it was something I've wanted to do for a while. For those not familiar with this or not sure what the reference is; it is from the movie "Brain Candy". This was the first feature film from the Canadian sketch comedy group The Kids in the Hall. Checkout the the preview for "Brain Candy" here if your interested. If you don't know the KITH; be warned that they were a bit weird and very 80's/90's but I loved them.

This piece was done for the Gallery 1988 show: Product Placement or "Screen prints of your favorite products from pop culture that don't actually exist". Like Hoverboards, Soul Glow, Big Kahuna Burger, etc. only there was to be no mention of the movie or TV show it came from as to keep it 'real'. Great concept! This particular piece is made to look like an old 1950's pharmaceutical ad depicting the new wonder drug "GLeeMONEX". In the movie this new drug was an untested anti-depressant that was hastily released to the public that eventually started causing it's patients to slip into catatonic-like comas where they would relive their happiest moments over and over. Quite hilarious!

This is actually the first show at G88's all new location; which is being dubbed Gallery 1988: East. This print will be available for purchase from the gallery and I will also have some AP's down the road.

Poster Info:
Title: GLeeMONEX
Size: 11"x14"
Medium: 2 Color Screenprint French True White Speckletone
Edition: 50
Price: $30

Show Info:
Show Opening: Saturday, March 9, 2013
Location: Gallery 1988 East
Address: 7021 Melrose / Los Angeles, CA 90038
Opening Reception: 7–10pm

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