Saturday, February 16

Heroes in a Half Shell

For anyone who knows me, the Ninja Turtles are my absolute favorite comic characters. They were the first comic(s) I ever owned. I worshiped the original 80's cartoon (in case you were wondering, doesn't hold up that well anymore). I had tons of figures; ranging from the original run to the newest ones. And I'm literally watching the new Nickelodeon show as I type this; which by the way could be my favorite version of the turtles to date. Well anyways, here is a brand new print for the MINTcondition #2 show, LTD Art gallery and Emerald City Con in Seattle which opens March 1st. Please be sure to visit their site for more info. Here are the print details:

Size: 16"x8"
Material: Giclee Archival Print
Price: $30
Edition: 25

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