Sunday, January 20

Toontown Gothic

Here is my brand new piece; "Toontown Gothic" which is based on the famous painting "American Gothic" by Grant Wood. This piece is special for me because it is based on my all time favorite movie; "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and oddly enough this is the first time I've ever really drawn these characters before because I was also deathly afraid of not being able to do them justice. So I hope I didn't screw them up too badly... This is also my first piece that I used my fancy new Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet. For those who don't know, a Cintiq tablet is similar in nature to something like an iPad but much more sophisticated and strictly used for drawing on your computer with a special pen. It is a very cool device that I highly recommend for anyone looking to get into drawing on the computer but fair warning, they get very, very pricey.


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