Wednesday, December 25

The Tannen Family: Through the Years

This is all new Back to the Future inspired piece was my contribution to this year's Crazy 4 Cult show. If you are not familiar with Crazy 4 Cult, it is Gallery 1988's biggest show ever year and was held in NYC again. The show opened on Dec. 13th but has since closed. There was some really amazing work there and I hope everyone had a chance to see it, even in person.

"The Tannen Family: Through the Years" is probably the most detailed and complicated piece I've ever done. I had to do a lot of research to make sure all the information was accurate. I had to take liberties with some info because it just does not exist out there so I took some educated guesses. Here is a close-up shot of the bottom portion which contains detailed information about each different Tannen; past, present, alternate present, future and alternate future!

Even though the show has closed you can still purchase the print from the gallery's website here:

Poster Info:
Title: The Tannen Family: Through the Years0
Size: 14"x11"
Medium: Giclee Archival Print
Edition: 20
Price: $35

Sunday, November 17

Rocks, Paper, Scissors Recap!

Well that was a hoot! This past Friday I had an art show open at Gallery 1988 in LA (as if you didn't know from my massive bombardment of tweets, Facebook posts, smoke signals, door to door campaigning, etc.) and just like that... it's all over! The show was called "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and was the culmination of 2 amazing artists (Brad Hill and Steff Bomb), 1 silly doodler (me), 3 different mediums and just about a year in the making. The show was focused on how 3 different artists would interpret 21 different movies and TV shows in their own style and medium. Brad created sculptures; Rock. I created prints; Paper. Steff created plush dolls; Scissors. Rocks, Paper, Scissors. As an added bonus we were all fortunate to actually attend the show (none of us live in or near California) and had a grand ol' time! Before this show I had only known these artists by their work but never actually knew them personally. Once we found out about the show way back in December 2012, my only contact with them was via email but I finally got to meet them for the first time opening night of the show! I could not have asked for 2 better artists to work with, they rule! Unfortunately, they both had to settle for working with me but I guess hanging my silly doodles next to their beautiful works of art only makes theirs look better. :) After coming up with a list of 21 choices (I should say a list of about 100 choices that we had to narrow down to 21) we were off to the races!

The show opening was a blast and I got to meet a lot of fans and even do some sketches for those patient enough to wait! For those who weren't able to attend Brad Hill took a bunch of photos of opening night which you view by clicking here.

If anyone is interested in picking up some of the remaining artwork (all 3 artists), click the link below to head over to Gallery 1988's website and scoring a few things before they are gone forever!

Huge thanks to everyone at Gallery 1988 who made this happen! Thanks to Jensen, Katie, John and Amber!

Below is a collage of all of my pieces as well as each individual one. There were 21 total pieces in all and 1 exclusives giveaway for those who attended the show. All pieces are a 10"x10" super low edition giclee print. They are all signed, numbered and printed on smooth, Fine Art, Moab Entrada Rag Natural 290 gsm, 21.5 mil.

If you miss out on any prints that sold out at the show or online I will have a few limited amount of prints to sell after the show has ended on November 30th. I will also be selling the original drawings that each piece is based after the show ends. If you are interested in getting one of the originals please email me!

"Nachos & TP"
Inspired by: Beavis and Butthead
Edition: 15

"The Dude"
Inspired by: The Big Lebowski
Edition: 10 (This was a special 5"x7" print given away to the first 10 guests at the show. Not available for purchase)
"69 Dudes!"
Inspired by: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Edition: 15

"This is Heavy..."
Inspired by: Back to the Future
Edition: 15

"Shoot the Glass"
Inspired by: Die Hard
Edition: 15

Inspired by: Family Matters
Edition: 12

"Dogs & Cats Living Together"
Inspired by: Ghostbusters
Edition: 12

"Sloth Love Chunk"
Inspired by: The Goonies
Edition: 12

"I'm a God, Not the God"
Inspired by: Groundhog Day
Edition: 12
"Go to Your Happy Place"
Inspired by: Happy Gilmore
Edition: 12

"Munsoned (v.) - To be up a creek without a paddle"
Inspired by: Kingpin
Edition: 12

"Meet You in the Meadow"
Inspired by: Moonrise Kingdom
Edition: 10

"Ron F@#%ing Swanson"
Inspired by: Parks and Recreation
Edition: 15

"I Don't Make Monkeys, I just Train'm"
Inspired by: Pee Wee's Big Adventure
Edition: 15

"19 O'clock and All... is Pipe"
Inspired by: The Adventures of Pete and Pete
Edition: 15

"Say "What" Again!?"
Inspired by: Pulp Fiction
Edition: 15

"Friends Forever"
Inspired by: Saved By the Bell
Edition: 12

"That's a Shame"
Inspired by: Seinfeld
Edition: 12

"Hell TV"
Inspired by: Stay Tuned
Edition: 10

"U62... Be There!"
Inspired by: UHF
Edition: 12

"Looking Down on Wayne's Basement"
Inspired by: Wayne's World
Edition:1 (This was a collaboration between Brad, Steff and myself. I did the background.)

"I Invented the Piano Key Necktie!"
Inspired by: Zoolander
Edition: 12

Thanks again for all those who helped and stay tuned for more fancy doodles!

Monday, November 4

"Rock, Paper, Scissors" Showcard & Details

The following is some more info about the show direct from Gallery 1988's website:

Another new show is on its way for G1988! Join us for “Rock Paper Scissors,” a show with three artists in three different mediums. Ian Glaubinger (prints), Steff Bomb (plush) & Brad Hill (sculpture) have picked 30 different pop culture favorites, from TV shows to movies, and they will each create one piece based on them. So we’ll be seeing how each medium has depicted the same characters or scenes you love. A fun experiment and a GREAT show.

Join us Friday, November 15th, at G1988 (East) from 7-10 PM. This will be a LOT OF FUN.

Here are some pics of the "Exclusive Opening Night Fun Pack!:

Remember, I will be giving away these Big Lebowski prints away to the 1st 10 people to come to the show on opening night. Each print (limited edition run of 10) each has a different and unique doodle hand drawn right on the print! See you guys in less then 2 weeks in LA!

Saturday, October 5

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Big news everyone! This November I am unbelievably proud to (finally) announce I will have a show opening up at Gallery 1988 (East) in Los Angeles, California! It was a trio show titled "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and featured the artwork of Brad Hill, Steff Bomb and myself! The idea behind this show is a very cool and unique concept. It features 3 artists who all have very different styles in 3 very different mediums. Brad creates beautiful sculptures (rock), I create silly prints (paper) and Steff creates amazing plushies (scissor). We came up with our very own list of 21 movies and TV shows that we will all collectively create in our own unique style and medium. This list is comprised of some fan favorites as well as some really cooky and bizarre choices that I'm not sure have ever been the subjects or sculptures, prints or plushies. I will have limited edition giclee prints for all 21 movies and TV shows in super limited edition quantities for purchase at the gallery (in person and on their website). There will even be a really fun piece for the show where all 3 artists worked together to create, using all 3 mediums in 1 fantastic piece! Myself along with Brad and Steff will all be at the opening reception on November 15th too so hopefully I will see you guys there! As an added bonus, I will have an exclusive print for the first 10 people to attend the show. Each one will have a little doodle on it and will never be for sale. It's a way for me to say thanks to all my fans and give something back! Stay tuned for more details as we get closer...

Show Info:
Show Opening: Friday, November 15th 2013
Location: Gallery 1988: East
Address: 7021 Melrose / Los Angeles, CA 90038
Opening Reception: 7–10pm (Friday, Nov 15th)

Saturday, July 20

Animated Americana

Take a look at my all new piece, "Animated Americana" inspired by the classic characters of Hanna Barbera. This piece was done exclusively for LTD Art Gallery's all new show "Saturday Morning" which opened this past Friday June, 19th in Seattle. A word about the show:

As a child, Saturday mornings were a playground for our imaginations. It was the beginning to the weekend and school was in the rearview mirror. Nothing was sweeter than waking up early, making your way to living room, and taking a journey 30 minutes at a time. Ltd is very excited to present our newest group art show: SATURDAY MORNING. Over 50 artists reflect upon a time when all they needed was a bowl of cereal, their pajamas....and the TV.

Print and show info:

Poster Info:
Title: Animated Americana
Size: 12"x9"
Medium: 5 Color Screenprint French True White Speckletone
Edition: 50
Price: $25

Show Info:
Show Dates: Friday, July 19th - August 24th
Location: LTD Art Gallery
Address: 307 E Pike St. Seattle, WA 98122

Show Poster

Saturday, July 13

Hot Rod

Hard to believe I've never done a Transformers piece before today. I decided to do this piece because in August I will be attendance at Omega Con 2013 in Bensalem, PA which is quite heavy on Transformers and other awesome 80's toys. Hot Rod has always been my favorite since seeing the original 80's movie; of course being by Judd Nelson doesn't hurt. This all new print will make it's debut at the Omega Con show and any remaining prints will be available in my shop and other cons. Here is some print details:

Title: Hot Rod
Size: 11"x14"
Premium White 67lb Cardstock in full color
Edition: 75
Price: $10

Friday, June 28

Maybe It's 'Cause I'm Irish

Have a looky loo at my latest fancy doodle! This all new piece is for the Planet Pulp show "Red", which opens at Hero Complex Gallery and runs July 5th thru July 14th. The all new doodle is called "Maybe It's 'Cause I'm Irish" and is inspired by the character Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding from one of my absolutely favorite movies; "The Shawshank Redemption". Check out this write-up on the show from /Film:

In the realm of pop culture, there are many uses of the word “red.” Most obviously there’s the color, usually used to convey either physical or psychological horror through Hell or blood. It can also be used to represent love, it’s a movie series starring Bruce Willis, and a main character’s name in the Shawshank Redemption. That’s just the tip of the crimson iceberg.

And so Red (the disambiguation, not the movie) is both the theme and title of the latest show at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles. Opening July 5, it’s curated by the awesome online art gallery Planet Pulp, which is finally moving offline and into the physical realm. Artist Jayson Weidel has recruited over 50 artists from his collective to create unique and clever art for the topic “Red” and /Film is proud to exclusively provide your first look at art from the show featuring Hellboy, Judge Dredd, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shawshank Redemption, Sunshine, The Shining, Carrie and more.

Be sure to check out the full /Film article for more previews and info about the show! Here is some more info about the show and print:

Poster Info:
Title: Maybe It's 'Cause I'm Irish
Size: 8"x10"
Medium: Giclee Archival Print
Edition: 10
Price: $20

Show Info:
Show Opening: Friday, July 5th, 2013
Location: Hero Complex Gallery
Address: 2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D, Los Angeles, CA
Opening Reception: 7–10pm

 Show Poster

Wednesday, May 29

You Seek a Great Fortune

Here is my all new doodle for the Coen Brothers Tribute show at LTD Art Gallery in Seattle! It is called "You Seek a Great Fortune" and is inspired by my favorite Coen Brothers flick; "O'Brother Where Art Thou?". And just so you know, my second favorite is "The Hudsucker Proxy" so now you know. The idea behind the print is since the movie is loosely based on the book; The Odyssey so I decided to make the movie into a book! It's kind of like that book report I did in elementary school on the novelization of Hook. My mom helped me make a poster of a giant hook made out of tin foil. My mom was cool.

Here are all the deets for the show and print:

Poster Info:
Title: You Seek a Great Fortune
Size: 10"x10"
Medium: Giclee Archival Print
Edition: 15
Price: $20

Show Info:
Show Opening: Friday, June 7th, 2013
Location: LTD Art Gallery
Address: 307 E Pike St. Seattle, WA 98122
Opening Reception: 7–11pm

Wednesday, May 8

Magical Stormtrooper

A quick little piece I did for Star Wars month over at Planet Pulp. Pretty self explanatory... man I want to go to Disney World.

Wednesday, April 24

Launch into Your Future

Get a load of this brand new screen print done exclusively for Gallery 1988's "Bad Robot Art Experience" which open this Friday, April 26th! The theme of the show is anything created under the JJ Abrams production company; Bad Robot. I actually hear the man himself will be at the show opening on Friday! My piece is titled "Launch into Your Future" and is made to look like old vintage travel and recruitment posters. Here's the low down on the print and show:

Poster Info:
Title: Launch into Your Future
Size: 12"x9"
Medium: 7 Color Screenprint French True White Speckletone
Edition: 50
Price: $25

Show Info:
Show Opening: Friday, April 26th, 2013
Location: Gallery 1988 West
Address: 7308 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038
Opening Reception: 7–10pm (RSVP only)

Beam me up...

Tuesday, April 23

Classic Monsters of Horror

Late last year I completed a really fun personal project of mine. I have always loved old school monsters whether it was from seeing the movies, the design or even their concepts and back stories. And to be completely honest, I have not seen a fair amount of the original versions of these movies. The ones I have seen I either enjoyed and some I couldn't even get all the way through; I'm looking at you "The Invisible Man" (1933). As stupid as this may sound, I think I enjoy the idea or concept of these amazing (and more often then not; silly) monsters more then their actual movies. The phrase "the parts are greater then the sum" comes to mind. Oh well, at least I tried! Anyway, these prints were being offered/sold as 2 different series (set of 6 prints each). I have now changed that to make it easier for you fine folks to get these prints individually. This way you are not forced to buy 6 at a time when maybe all you want is 1 or 2. I am now offering each monster print for only $10! You can purchase them now by heading over to my Etsy shop. They're monsterriffic!

Friday, March 8


Full disclosure... I LOVE The Kids in the Hall! And this may be a bit obscure for some but it was something I've wanted to do for a while. For those not familiar with this or not sure what the reference is; it is from the movie "Brain Candy". This was the first feature film from the Canadian sketch comedy group The Kids in the Hall. Checkout the the preview for "Brain Candy" here if your interested. If you don't know the KITH; be warned that they were a bit weird and very 80's/90's but I loved them.

This piece was done for the Gallery 1988 show: Product Placement or "Screen prints of your favorite products from pop culture that don't actually exist". Like Hoverboards, Soul Glow, Big Kahuna Burger, etc. only there was to be no mention of the movie or TV show it came from as to keep it 'real'. Great concept! This particular piece is made to look like an old 1950's pharmaceutical ad depicting the new wonder drug "GLeeMONEX". In the movie this new drug was an untested anti-depressant that was hastily released to the public that eventually started causing it's patients to slip into catatonic-like comas where they would relive their happiest moments over and over. Quite hilarious!

This is actually the first show at G88's all new location; which is being dubbed Gallery 1988: East. This print will be available for purchase from the gallery and I will also have some AP's down the road.

Poster Info:
Title: GLeeMONEX
Size: 11"x14"
Medium: 2 Color Screenprint French True White Speckletone
Edition: 50
Price: $30

Show Info:
Show Opening: Saturday, March 9, 2013
Location: Gallery 1988 East
Address: 7021 Melrose / Los Angeles, CA 90038
Opening Reception: 7–10pm

Saturday, February 16

Heroes in a Half Shell

For anyone who knows me, the Ninja Turtles are my absolute favorite comic characters. They were the first comic(s) I ever owned. I worshiped the original 80's cartoon (in case you were wondering, doesn't hold up that well anymore). I had tons of figures; ranging from the original run to the newest ones. And I'm literally watching the new Nickelodeon show as I type this; which by the way could be my favorite version of the turtles to date. Well anyways, here is a brand new print for the MINTcondition #2 show, LTD Art gallery and Emerald City Con in Seattle which opens March 1st. Please be sure to visit their site for more info. Here are the print details:

Size: 16"x8"
Material: Giclee Archival Print
Price: $30
Edition: 25

Tuesday, February 5

Allstar Group Logo

Original logo done for client that went unused. I really liked this one but the client wanted to go in a different direction. I still wanted to post the designs I created but I changed the company name depicted in the logo at the request of the client. Just playing around with the logo contrasted on different background elements. I wanted to see how I could 'relate' the logo to different environments.

Friday, February 1


In case you guys missed it... I like to give little sneak peeks at what I'm working on next. I usually don't post them here on my blog as this is really just for the finished pieces and all the info that goes along with it but I decided to change it up a bit. Here are 4 new pieces I've been furiously working on for upcoming gallery shows and I can honestly say each one has it's own unique style. Soft shaded cartoons. Very clean pop-art. Graphic propaganda. 1950's advertising. It's all here! And if you like these little previews be sure to have a look at my Twitter and Facebook pages! Social Networking to the rescue!

Sunday, January 20

Toontown Gothic

Here is my brand new piece; "Toontown Gothic" which is based on the famous painting "American Gothic" by Grant Wood. This piece is special for me because it is based on my all time favorite movie; "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and oddly enough this is the first time I've ever really drawn these characters before because I was also deathly afraid of not being able to do them justice. So I hope I didn't screw them up too badly... This is also my first piece that I used my fancy new Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet. For those who don't know, a Cintiq tablet is similar in nature to something like an iPad but much more sophisticated and strictly used for drawing on your computer with a special pen. It is a very cool device that I highly recommend for anyone looking to get into drawing on the computer but fair warning, they get very, very pricey.


Saturday, January 12

80% of Success is Showing Up

Take a gander at this sad sack. Woody Allen in all of his non-confident glory. When tackling this new project I couldn't decide between doing a piece based on a specific movie which is full of great characters or to base it on Woody Allen himself; who is just as much a character as any made up one from a movie. In the end I choose to base it on the man himself and one of his many great (albeit self loathing) quotes. This brand new screen print will be available for purchase directly from Gallery 1988 and some artist proofs through me once the show has completed. Here are the print details:

Title: 80% of Success is Showing Up
Size: 11"x14"
Material: 3 Color Screenprint on True White Speckleton French Paper
Edition: 50
Price: $30

Saturday, January 5

The Game Has Changed

Have a long look at my newest piece based on Tron: Legacy; titled "The Game Has Changed". My wife and I are obsessed with the sequel to Tron and literally can not change the channel if we come across it on TV. Not to mention also being completely obsessed with the equally amazing (if not actually better) Daft Punk soundtrack.  In this piece I chose to feature/focus on the Identity Disc from Tron. I do have to say, I find it weird that the characters in the new movie use the item that contains their entire identity and they can't live without as a weapon?! Seems like there would be a better solution for fighting off dudes from trying to 'derezz' you then basically using a fancy looking social security card. Oh well, still love it!