Thursday, May 31

Alien VS Ripley

I started thinking about what classic movies i love that i haven't tackled yet and then it hit me... Alien! Well, Aliens if you want to get specific for this little doodle. Well, that and I'm excited about the new Prometheus movie coming out which may or may not be Alien related?! What better way to show some love then by having a dirty ol' smiling Alien sneaking up on an unsuspecting Ripley! And by the way, if you eyes are drawn towards her very Back to the Future 2-esque  style high-tops and find yourself wondering why i drew them like that... then look no further: Alien Reeboks! This will available starting tomorrow at Wizard World Philly as a 6"x4" mini print on Premium White 67lb Cardstock in full color!

Friday, May 25

TMNT Arcade Redux

Earlier this year i created 4 separate Ninja Turtle prints based on the original arcade game from 1989 exclusively for a Gallery 1988 show. They sold out quick but i thought for those who missed out (and by popular demand) i would make a new print with all 4 prints in 1 with some extra design in it. This new print is 11" x 14" on Premium White 67lb Cardstock in full color and will be available at the upcoming Wizard World Philly (I will be there June 1- June 3 in artist alley). I will also be debuting another old school video game print at the show. But if you want to see it, you will have to swing by my table as I'll be premiering it there! I'll give you a hint, it's called "The Mushroom Kingdom" and it's pretty neat.

Monday, May 21

Crazy 4 Cult Tease & more...

The tough part about doing all these awesome shows for Gallery 1988 is having to not show you guys all of the awesome stuff I'm working on. Well it's not that terrible because I do get to draw awesome pop-culture inspired doodles, so not all bad. This year I am back in one of G88's ongoing biggest and most popular shows again, Crazy 4 Cult. This year looks to be extra special but I can't really divulge why at this point... it's a SECRET. The show will likely be in August and when I am aloud to post more info, I certainly will. Additionally, there is also another upcoming show at Gallery 1988: Venice and it is all about the very awesome and funny Steve Martin. That show opens June 8 and runs until June 30. I will have a print in that show and below is a little preview of that one as well...

Thursday, May 10

As Promised...

I turned the marker doodle into a fancy new print! I kinda thought that making yet another TMNT print might be overkill but I'm not sure that is possible. Too many TMNT print? Whose ever heard of such a thing ever in a world?

 This one will be 5.5" x 14" and printed on Premium White 67lb Cardstock in full color and will be available at upcoming shows and my online store as soon as a get some some printed.

My next show will be Wizard World Philly in Artist Alley on Friday, June 1st - June 3rd, be there!

Tuesday, May 8

TMNT Doodle

Did this Ninja Turtles doodle recently. I had a random tall piece of paper lying around and as soon as i looked at it i saw 4 jumping turtles on it so... I drew exactly that. A little pencil, pen and marker action and we get 4 hip and tubular dudes. Thinking of making a print out of this little diddy. Cowabunga!