Monday, April 30

The Punisher

Not a whole lot to say about this one. I've never really drawn the Punisher aside from a super quick head sketch here and there but i had an itch to draw him the other day. I liked the sketch so much i decided to make a mini print out of it. Note the band-aide on his forehead, saftey first! Don't want lil' old Punisher going out to play with his friends with an open cut exposed!

Thursday, April 26


 Now for some awesome robots! Meet the Glaubots! Model # 13-r41N (BRAIN) & Model # U-63N3 (EUGENE). I love doing original stuff but time doesn't always allow for it. Also, the original stuff doesn't also draw the attention of say a Back to the Future piece so it sometimes falls by the way side. But i had spare few minutes to work on these fellas while also working on a super awesome Super Mario Bros. style commission too (which should be done and up in the not too distant future!). This one will be available as an 11x11 print at upcoming conventions as well as on my online shop soon enough.

Also, i thought it might be cool to show you guys my process from how i get from little sketch to a finished fancy pants doodle! Starts with a pencil sketch that i actually took a picture with my phone. Then in Adobe Illustrator CS4 (on a PC) i trace my line work, while cleaning it up and possibly make some changes to the drawing and composition. Then i take my plain black and white line work and slap some colors on it and hope it sticks. I actually use this cool site a lot called Kuler (by Adobe) which is really great for color schemes and inspiration. Check it out here: After i've added all my flat colors i will start to add highlights and shadows and layer of colors. Sometimes that is where i am finished but sometimes i like to add textures or rough / soft edges to the elements of the doodle in either Illustrator or more recently I have been trying out Photoshop. I will overlay an image with texture in it like worn out concrete, plaster, paper, brush marks, water, whatever type of effect i'm in the mood for really... that i get from this really great site called CG Textures: Then i may mess with the opacity (make them lighter or darker) of the textures and colors so that the main focus of the piece (usually the characters) don't get over shadowed by some grimy texture i've put in. Got it? Good, now go out there and make your own doodles!

Monday, April 23

Chewbacca, What a Wookie...

Based on a quick marker sketch i did of Chewbacca a lil' while ago. Click here to view the original. Trying out some new Photoshop techniques (textures, dodge & burn) in addition to my usual Illustrator vector art. This will be available as a mini print at upcoming shows as well as on my online shop soon enough.

Monday, April 16

Walking Dead Commission

Who doesn't love a good ol' fashion zombie brain blowout?! Take a gander at the latest commission i just finished based on "The Walking Dead". There were only a few requests for the commission; must include Rick in his Sheriff's uniform, his big hat and lots 'o' zombies and the rest was up to me. I think my favorite part is actually the silhouettes at the bottom. Much harder then i thought it would be and i really like the way the (super cartoony) cop car came out. This print will actually be available for purchase very soon for everyone on my Esty shop. It will be a 11x14 full color print on heavy cover stock.

And i don't know about you guys, but i can't wait for that show to start back up again!

Friday, April 13

Greetings From Bodega Bay

Good Evening...

Here is my print; "Greetings From Bodega Bay" that i created for the upcoming show Alfred Hitchcock tribute show opening at Gallery 1988: Venice:

"Suspense & Gallows Humor"
a tribute to the all-time greatest

The print is based on the 1963 Cult-Classic, "The Birds". The title of the piece is a reference to the town in which the movie takes place in; Bodega Bay, California. Here is some info about the show from /Film:

This Friday the 13th, Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles is paying homage to one of the masters of terror: Alfred Hitchcock. Their new show, Suspense and Gallows Humor: A Tribute to the All Time Greatest, opens Friday at their Venice location and will be on display through May 5.
Art from several of Hitchcock’s classic films such as The Birds, Psycho, Vertigo, North by Northwest and many more will all on display from artists such as JC Richard, Jay Shaw, Joshua Budich, Guy Burwell, Todd Slater, Phantom City Creative, Jayson Weidel, DKNG, Fernando Reza and others. Check out a small sample after the jump.
The show opens Friday April 13 from 7-10 p.m. at 214 Pier Avenue, Santa Monica, CA.

And here is some info on my print:
Title: "Greetings From Bodega Bay"
Size: 11"x14" (12"x15" framed)
Material: 2 Color D&L Screenprint on 80lb Cream Speckletone Paper (has this cool texture embedded in the paper!)
Edition: 63 (signed and numbered)
Price: $50 #1 framed piece • $30 #2-63

My print along with all the other artwork will be available for purchase tonight at Gallery 1988: Venice and then available for purchase online on their site the following day. Visit Gallery 1988's site for more info.

I also have some Artist's Proofs available for purchase if anyone is interested.