Monday, December 3

I Seen't It!

And ladies and germs... here is my 2nd piece from the Gallery 1988 Judd Apatow Show! Craig Robinson's character; Matheson is probably my favorite character from Pineapple Express. He has the best (and strangest lines) from the movie. I think it's his delivery or that he's just awesome. Well anyway, here is "I Seen't It!" based on the scene when Matheson shoots Red and becomes annoyed with Budlofsky for his 'discretion worries'. If you don't know what I'm talking about then watch this movie. Here is some more info on the piece and be sure to check out Gallery 1988's website for more info.

Title: I Seen't It!
Size: 10"x8"
Material: Giclee Archival Print
Edition: 15

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Joshua White said...

I want to buy, but the available for purchase button won't allow me to. :(