Thursday, October 25

Phantom of the Opera

Checkout the 6th and final doodle from Classic Monsters of Horror: Series 2. It's the ol' Phantom of the Opera (or Oprey if your Bugs Bunny)! Have to be honest, didn't know much about this dude except he is ugly and lives underneath a opera house in Englandtown. I read all about him on Wikipedia and so now i'm on the up and up about this phantom dude. Now if you wanted to talk about that episode of Muppet Babies where the water got shut off and they all sing and pretend to be super heroes; Gonzo as Batman, some as Ninja Turtles, Piggy as a viking and it's Phantom who took the water then we're on the same page! "Who took the water?! Who took the water?!". And now back to reality...  I will be getting series 2 printed up shortly and be offering these on my online store as well as upcoming cons!

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