Saturday, October 6

New Website!

Brand spanking new website! Hot off the press! I've been trying to get a new website up and running for a while and it's been a process but I think I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out. It is really a more streamlined, user-friendly way and other phony marketing terms for people to see my work. Rather then scroll endlessly through my blog this new site encapsulates pretty much everything I've done (that I'm proud of at least). Don't worry, I will still be posting on my blog regularly. The 'portfolio' website as I've dubbed it is really just a place to put finished projects and such for people looking for that type of thing... This was just something I needed to do for me and it's finally done! Take a snoop around and let me know your thoughts if you can pull yourself away from playing Halo-- oh wait... Now back to Halo.

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