Thursday, October 25

Phantom of the Opera

Checkout the 6th and final doodle from Classic Monsters of Horror: Series 2. It's the ol' Phantom of the Opera (or Oprey if your Bugs Bunny)! Have to be honest, didn't know much about this dude except he is ugly and lives underneath a opera house in Englandtown. I read all about him on Wikipedia and so now i'm on the up and up about this phantom dude. Now if you wanted to talk about that episode of Muppet Babies where the water got shut off and they all sing and pretend to be super heroes; Gonzo as Batman, some as Ninja Turtles, Piggy as a viking and it's Phantom who took the water then we're on the same page! "Who took the water?! Who took the water?!". And now back to reality...  I will be getting series 2 printed up shortly and be offering these on my online store as well as upcoming cons!

Wednesday, October 24

The Great Trophy Room

I was really excited for this one! What does one do when they love lots of retro video games and can't decide what to draw? Draw them all! Here is my piece for the Gallery 1988 (Venice) show; "Old School Video Game Art: Level 2". The show opens Friday, Oct. 26th, 7pm - 10pm and runs through Nov. 24th. Here are the details for the fancy new doodle:

Title: "The Great Trophy Room"
Medium: Giclee Archival Print
Size: 17"x11"
Edition: 50
Price: $45

Please head on over to Gallery 1988's website for more info!

Monday, October 22


Halloween is almost here and the classic (robot) monsters keep rolling in! Here is Gort from the 1951 uber classic; The Day the Earth Stood Still. I highly recommend this one, it's got a pretty powerful underlying message in to it. I never saw the remake with Ted Theodore Logan but i didn't hear great things. One last piece in Series 2 to go and then I think that'll be it for the Classic Monsters of Horror series. Just keep moving forward...

Monday, October 15

Mushroom Kingdom

Way back in the beginning of the year i was commissioned to do a video game stained glass style piece as a gift for a couple getting married. I had to hold off posting it online anywhere so that if the couple receiving the gift came upon my website they would not see it early. I was asked to create a piece based on Super Mario Bros for the lovely couple except in the original the Bride and Groom were present (in Mario and Princess Peach outfits) rather then Mario and Luigi. I had so much fun with it that i made a variation of the piece/print of with Mario and Luigi (the one you see now).

Wednesday, October 10

Robot Monster

Maybe not as well known as some of the others but just as exciting! This guy is from the 1953 movie; Robot Monster or otherwise known as "Ro-Mon". This guy may fall more in the sci-fi category then horror but the line really begins to blur at a certain point. And since I'm sure most aren't too familiar with this guy, the 'item' in his speech bubble is a device called the "Calcinator Death Ray" which he used to wipe out the human race. For those interested with the movie Robot Monster you should really check out the trailer below...

"Very well, I will re-calculate. Your deaths will be indescribable.", commanded Robot Monster!
You can't make this stuff up...

Sunday, October 7

The Bride

I guess you could consider this one a companion piece to Frankenstein's Monster... The Bride! I kinda like how the hair blocks the bottom of the word balloon. Next up is a super cheesy monster from a 1953 3-D movie that is supposedly one of the worst of all time. Can't wait!

Saturday, October 6

New Website!

Brand spanking new website! Hot off the press! I've been trying to get a new website up and running for a while and it's been a process but I think I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out. It is really a more streamlined, user-friendly way and other phony marketing terms for people to see my work. Rather then scroll endlessly through my blog this new site encapsulates pretty much everything I've done (that I'm proud of at least). Don't worry, I will still be posting on my blog regularly. The 'portfolio' website as I've dubbed it is really just a place to put finished projects and such for people looking for that type of thing... This was just something I needed to do for me and it's finally done! Take a snoop around and let me know your thoughts if you can pull yourself away from playing Halo-- oh wait... Now back to Halo.

Tuesday, October 2

The Invisible Man

It's October or as I like to call it... "The Month Lucky Enough to Have Halloween In It"! Since my favorite ghoulish holiday is right around the corner I've really been in the mood to draw more of these lovely monsters. This is the 2nd installment from Classic Monsters of Horror: Series 2; The Invisible man!