Monday, August 27

Step Brothers

I love the movie Step Brothers. I'm sorry, what I meant to say is I LOVE this movie. Felt the capital letters really drove home my point. I was actually planning on doing a Step Brothers piece for Crazy 4 Cult this year but the gallery people told me told hold off because they were planning a stand alone show just for this movie. I was so excited! My friends, wife and I are obsessed with this movie and quote it non-stop. I decided to make a piece based on my favorite line in the movie; which was tough because i have many favorite lines from this movie. Be careful, it's got some NSFW words...

This original hand drawn piece will be on display and available for purchase when the show opens at Gallery 1988: Venice on Friday, Augusts 31st! Here is some more info on the piece:

Title: "You Know What's Good for Shoulder Pain?"
Medium: Colored Pencil on Bristol (hand drawn)
Size: 8"x10"
Edition: 1/1 framed
Price: $175

I will also be making a digital print out of this that should be available in the next week or two for anyone whose interested.

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