Tuesday, August 21

Breaking Bad: The Animated Series "Spoiler" Variant

Since the Breaking Bad Art Project is now open over at Gallery 1988 I can show you guys the "Spoiler" variant piece i made! Now don't be alarmed by the super pixelated thumbnail above as I did this for a good reason. While the regular version does in fact have some spoilers in it if you don't watch the show, this one has some HUGE spoilers so I didn't want to ruin it for anyone who doesn't watch the show and one day will or isn't up to date. So go ahead and click the thumbnail above to see the non pixelated version and as one guy on the internet put it...

"...prepare to hide your enjoyment boner (that’s a thing, right?)..."

And if you are interested in purchasing one they will be available sometime later today via my Etsy shop and you can find out when by following me on Twitter. This will be your last chance to get one as i've heard the gallery sold out last night during the opening.


NCsue said...

Hi Ian,
This is amazing! any more prints available for the BB Animated Series? I could find your shop on Etsy.

NCsue said...
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