Saturday, March 31

That's a Lotta Dogs...

And the last (for now) of these fun little birthday gifts! Sweet little Mollie gets up close and personal with some of the cutest and (according to Google) some of the most popular dog breeds. I myself have kind of a sweet spot for Golden Retrievers and Alaskan Malamutes (which is the big fluffy wolf looking guy on the bottom to the right of the Poodle). Before working on this piece i had no idea what kind of dog that was until now... and i want one.

Friday, March 16

The City So Nice They Named it... Gabrielle!

As promised, here is the other print i recently finished up for another birthday gift. This one is based on New York City and is just chock full of fancy touristy landmarks! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Check out those lovely bodegas! Say it with me now 'bo-de-gas'... yes, very good.

Race Car YaYas

Check out this new print i did as a birthday gift. I call it Race Cars for Jake! And i even numbered each car 1 through 10 to help the little guy learn. Anyone notice car number 9 has a striking resemblance to a certain vehicular character from a certain Pixar movie? No? Oh well...

I have a few more of these coming up that I will post shortly.

Thursday, March 15

Anyone Can Cook

I recently did an exclusive doodle for the fine folks over at The Pixar Times! I had the opportunity to draw whatever i wanted as long as it involved something from Pixar. I choose Ratatouille as my wife and I really love it! One of my favs from them (not that i don't love everything they do). So the piece premiered over on their website last week along with a full interview. Click the link below to head on over there to read up on all things "Ian" and check out some more awesome Pixar art and news!

Monday, March 12

The Avengers

Whose excited for the new Avengers movie? I certainly am! I level of interest in seeing it was 'excited to see it but  nothing expecting anything huge' just because it's the Avengers but after seeing this latest batch of previews i now can't wait! So in the excitement of the new movie coming out in May i decided to create a new 11"x17" print! This print was originally intended to be premiered exclusively at Boston Comic Con but due to some unforeseen circumstances, it will available immediately via my online shop! I will also have prints available at Wizard World Philly at the end of May as well. So exciting!

"We have a Hulk..." Oh Tony Stark, you slay me.

Friday, March 9

What's the Deal with Airline Peanuts?

Here is my contribution to this years Gallery 1988 show; "Is This Thing On? 2: The Weird Year". It is a Seinfeld inspired piece titled; "What's the Deal with Airline Peanuts?". The show opens tonight at 7pm and will run until March 31st. There will be prints available online for purchase the day after the show opens at their website. Here's some more info on the print:

Title: What's the Deal with Airline Peanuts
Material: Giclee Archival Print
Size: 14" x 18" framed / 12" x 15" unframed
Edition: 40
Price: $75 #1 framed / $40 #2-40 unframed

For more info check out Gallery 1988's website. I will also have a limited number of artists proof for sale. If interested please shoot me an email!

The prints are now available for purchase via Gallery 1988's website. Click the link below!

Monday, March 5

I never bet the Fett man...

In the midst of one of the busiest times in my professional doodle career i decided i needed to take a short break to draw something i wanted to for fun. Not that i don't love drawing commissions, as i've had some really awesome ones recently and upcoming too; more Indy! And this one isn't even 100% just for me as the Darth Vader character is actually taken from part of a private commission that i just finished but i can't post it as it is time sensitive. But the recent passing of (the amazing) Star Wars conceptual artist; Ralph McQuarrie got me in the mood to draw some more of his characters. Now Boba Fett was actually a variation of Vader's original design and then finished up by another designer but it's still one of his designs none the less. But i couldn't pass up the chance to do a Vader / Fett mini print. I mean these are 2 of the galaxies biggest bad asses! I will have this 5x7 mini print up for sale shortly but in the mean time let this little diddy sink in...