Wednesday, February 15

**Update** Is This Thing On? 2: The Weird Year

Here is a small sneak peek at my piece for the upcoming show:

Gallery 1988 presents....

Is This Thing On? 2: The Weird Year
March 9th - March 31st, 2012
7-10 PM, opening reception
100 artists depict their favorite comedians once again, in conjunction with FunnyOrDie

And a Special Guest host and print will be available at the show...

Now just to clear somethings up, that isn't my doodle but rather a little preview of the featured print / host from this upcoming show. My print will based on one of my favorite comedians and tv show that has been running in syndication on like every channel since it went off the air in 1998. Any guesses?

On a side note... I currently selling an exclusive print for $20 all for charity! It is a signed & numbered 11x17 limited edition print based on Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. All proceeds from the sale will be going to a charity called Give Kids the World. To find out more about it and to purchase a print, please click the link or picture of the print below!

Saturday, February 11

TMNT Arcade: Michelangelo (Preview 4 of 4)

And now the last of my 4 print series; Michelangelo! Man, i really want to play this game in the arcade now... ya know one of those dark and dingy arcades with neon pink lights, crazy patterned carpets, 90's dance music blaring and a pizza party! Man, i miss those times.

Well now back to present day reality... all 4 prints are now available for purchase at Gallery 1988's website. Click here to view my prints along with a bunch of other really cool ones!

Friday, February 10

TMNT Arcade: Donatello (Preview 3 of 4)

I always loved when one of the turtles has their toes run over by those giant marbles in the arcade game. What were those giant marbles?! Anyways, here is the Donatello print from my TMNT Arcade series for Gallery 1988's Multiplayer x2 show opening in... 3 hours!

TMNT Arcade: Raphael (Preview 2 of 4)

As promised... here is the second of the four print TMNT Arcade series! Raphael! Remember, show opens tonight at Gallery 1988: LA in Melrose!

And check out some other prints and previews over the Gallery 1988's blog!

Thursday, February 9

TMNT Arcade: Leonardo (Preview 1 of 4)

Here is the first of four individual prints that will be at the Gallery 1988 LA show: Multiplayer x2. The series is called TMNT Arcade and there are 4 unique print for each turtle, featuring a quote from the original arcade game. Don't forget, the show opens up tomorrow, Friday, February 10th at 7pm at Gallery 1988: LA in Melrose. Here is some info on the prints:

Size: 6" x 10" each
Material: Giclee Textured Water Color Paper
Edition: 11 each / 44 total / signed & numbered by ---> this guy!
Price: $100 for framed prints (all four, #1's are framed together) / $15 for each individual print

I will also have some Artist's Proofs for sale. If you are interested please contact me directly.