Wednesday, January 4

Collect the Whole Set: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Phew... this one was a doozy! Lots and lots of time and detail was spent on this one. A friend of mine commissioned me to create a piece just like my "Collect the Whole Set: Pulp Fiction" from the Gallery 1988 show; Crazy 4 Cult. Only instead of Pulp Fiction but using Indiana Jones & Raiders of the Lost Ark as the subject matter. I think the toughest part was filling in all of the text for the Checklists and info on the back of cards. If you look carefully, you'll see that it is all entirely accurate. I will be making prints out of this one for sure, if anyone is interested. Again... phew! I wish i didn't have a day job and i would just create pieces like this for all of my favorite movies.

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Brandon7221 said...

We like permission to post and promote the Indiana Jones art piece on our site - Spielberg Fan Club.

If there is more details on purchasing a print or copy, let us know.

Brandon Jones