Monday, December 3

I Seen't It!

And ladies and germs... here is my 2nd piece from the Gallery 1988 Judd Apatow Show! Craig Robinson's character; Matheson is probably my favorite character from Pineapple Express. He has the best (and strangest lines) from the movie. I think it's his delivery or that he's just awesome. Well anyway, here is "I Seen't It!" based on the scene when Matheson shoots Red and becomes annoyed with Budlofsky for his 'discretion worries'. If you don't know what I'm talking about then watch this movie. Here is some more info on the piece and be sure to check out Gallery 1988's website for more info.

Title: I Seen't It!
Size: 10"x8"
Material: Giclee Archival Print
Edition: 15

Thursday, November 29

Let Me Save You Man!

I'm just delighted to be able to reveal the first of 2 new Pineapple Express inspired piece for the upcoming Judd Apatow Tribute Show opening Tuesday, Dec 4th at Gallery 1988: Melrose. This new show pays tributes to all things Apatow from Freaks & Geeks, 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Anchorman and one of my personal favorites; Pineapple Express. Judd will actually be at the opening in conjunction with his new film "This Is 40" to do a little fancy art hob knobbin' and promoting for the new movie. For more info on the show please head on over to Gallery 1988's website. And anyone interested in going to the show you must RSVP to G1988 via email directly to attend. Below is some more info on my piece. Stay tuned for my second piece also based on another HILARIOUS Pineapple Express scene. So exciting...

Title: Let Me Save You Man!
Size: 10"x8"
Material: Giclee Archival Print
Edition: 15

Tuesday, November 20

Best Friends

My contribution to the Planet Pulp TMNT month. This piece is titled "Best Friends" because after all, without the turtle's little green oozy friend they would never get to all be buddies and eat pizza!

Saturday, November 10

**Now on Sale!** Who Want's a Mustache Ride?

I can't believe it's taken me thing long to do a piece on any Broken Lizard movie. I LOVE these guys. And in case you were wondering; they are actually amazingly cool guys to meet in person too. I've seen them do standup and promotion for movies and I've had the chance to meet them afterwards and they are always the coolest guys; especially Steve Lemme (Mac) and Kevin Heffernan (Farve). Anyways, this brand spanking new piece is for a new gallery in Brooklyn, NY called Bottleneck and they look to be the next big pop culture gallery on the scene. Lots of cool artists and upcoming shows for them on the horizon and a little extra tidbit; I may or may not being to the poster for one of them! :) Here is the official description of the show via Bottleneck:

Friendship- it's the best ship of them all. Your friends are the people who make you laugh until you cry, are there for you when you are down, and pick you up when you fall. Bottleneck is set to honor our friends with "The Gang Is All Here," an exhibit dedicated to the art industry's legendary cliques, groups, buds, and gangs. Each artist will present work based on their favorite classic batch of friends, pulling from songs, films, and books. So come by and bring your gang to meet ours.

The show opens Friday, Nov 16 (opening reception is 7pm - 10pm) and runs through Dec 7 so if you're in the area i highly recommend checking it out. Be sure to check out their website for more info and listed below is the info on my new screenprint which will be available for purchase at the gallery as well as on their online store.

Title: Super Troopers: Who Want's a Mustache Ride?
Size: 11"x14"
Material: 4 Color Screenprint on True White Speckleton French Paper
Edition: 50

I will also have some additional Artist Proofs available for purchase after the show ends if anyone is interested.

Thursday, October 25

Phantom of the Opera

Checkout the 6th and final doodle from Classic Monsters of Horror: Series 2. It's the ol' Phantom of the Opera (or Oprey if your Bugs Bunny)! Have to be honest, didn't know much about this dude except he is ugly and lives underneath a opera house in Englandtown. I read all about him on Wikipedia and so now i'm on the up and up about this phantom dude. Now if you wanted to talk about that episode of Muppet Babies where the water got shut off and they all sing and pretend to be super heroes; Gonzo as Batman, some as Ninja Turtles, Piggy as a viking and it's Phantom who took the water then we're on the same page! "Who took the water?! Who took the water?!". And now back to reality...  I will be getting series 2 printed up shortly and be offering these on my online store as well as upcoming cons!

Wednesday, October 24

The Great Trophy Room

I was really excited for this one! What does one do when they love lots of retro video games and can't decide what to draw? Draw them all! Here is my piece for the Gallery 1988 (Venice) show; "Old School Video Game Art: Level 2". The show opens Friday, Oct. 26th, 7pm - 10pm and runs through Nov. 24th. Here are the details for the fancy new doodle:

Title: "The Great Trophy Room"
Medium: Giclee Archival Print
Size: 17"x11"
Edition: 50
Price: $45

Please head on over to Gallery 1988's website for more info!

Monday, October 22


Halloween is almost here and the classic (robot) monsters keep rolling in! Here is Gort from the 1951 uber classic; The Day the Earth Stood Still. I highly recommend this one, it's got a pretty powerful underlying message in to it. I never saw the remake with Ted Theodore Logan but i didn't hear great things. One last piece in Series 2 to go and then I think that'll be it for the Classic Monsters of Horror series. Just keep moving forward...

Monday, October 15

Mushroom Kingdom

Way back in the beginning of the year i was commissioned to do a video game stained glass style piece as a gift for a couple getting married. I had to hold off posting it online anywhere so that if the couple receiving the gift came upon my website they would not see it early. I was asked to create a piece based on Super Mario Bros for the lovely couple except in the original the Bride and Groom were present (in Mario and Princess Peach outfits) rather then Mario and Luigi. I had so much fun with it that i made a variation of the piece/print of with Mario and Luigi (the one you see now).

Wednesday, October 10

Robot Monster

Maybe not as well known as some of the others but just as exciting! This guy is from the 1953 movie; Robot Monster or otherwise known as "Ro-Mon". This guy may fall more in the sci-fi category then horror but the line really begins to blur at a certain point. And since I'm sure most aren't too familiar with this guy, the 'item' in his speech bubble is a device called the "Calcinator Death Ray" which he used to wipe out the human race. For those interested with the movie Robot Monster you should really check out the trailer below...

"Very well, I will re-calculate. Your deaths will be indescribable.", commanded Robot Monster!
You can't make this stuff up...

Sunday, October 7

The Bride

I guess you could consider this one a companion piece to Frankenstein's Monster... The Bride! I kinda like how the hair blocks the bottom of the word balloon. Next up is a super cheesy monster from a 1953 3-D movie that is supposedly one of the worst of all time. Can't wait!

Saturday, October 6

New Website!

Brand spanking new website! Hot off the press! I've been trying to get a new website up and running for a while and it's been a process but I think I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out. It is really a more streamlined, user-friendly way and other phony marketing terms for people to see my work. Rather then scroll endlessly through my blog this new site encapsulates pretty much everything I've done (that I'm proud of at least). Don't worry, I will still be posting on my blog regularly. The 'portfolio' website as I've dubbed it is really just a place to put finished projects and such for people looking for that type of thing... This was just something I needed to do for me and it's finally done! Take a snoop around and let me know your thoughts if you can pull yourself away from playing Halo-- oh wait... Now back to Halo.

Tuesday, October 2

The Invisible Man

It's October or as I like to call it... "The Month Lucky Enough to Have Halloween In It"! Since my favorite ghoulish holiday is right around the corner I've really been in the mood to draw more of these lovely monsters. This is the 2nd installment from Classic Monsters of Horror: Series 2; The Invisible man!

Thursday, September 20

Earl Sneed Sinclair

Just did this little guy for the fine folks over at Planet Pulp. This month's theme is Jim Henson's Creature Shop so basically it could be anything from all of my favorite tv shows and movies. I decided to go with Dinosaurs because it was and still is awesome! And the entire (short lived) run is now on instant queue on Netflix. Man I love that show... now I'm off to go do the mating dance.

Wednesday, September 5

Saucer Man

Inspired by the old alien invasion movies from the 1950's like "Invaders From Mars", "Invasion of the Saucer Men" and Tim Burton classic "Mars Attacks!". This is the first print from "Classic Monsters of Horror: Series 2". I will wait to see how Series 1 is received first before making a print run like i did for the first series. But in the meantime, I will make a small run of large 11" x 11" prints as a 'preview' for Series 2. These will be regular digital prints (not giclees) and will be $10 each and available for purchase at Baltimore Comic Con. And as an incentive, I will offer this print for free for anyone who buys all of Series 1 from me at the show!

Thursday, August 30

Step Brothers Print

Just finished up a digital version of "You Know What's Good for Shoulder Pain?" based on the hand drawn piece from the Gallery 1988 Step Brothers show; which opens tomorrow!

Monday, August 27

Step Brothers

I love the movie Step Brothers. I'm sorry, what I meant to say is I LOVE this movie. Felt the capital letters really drove home my point. I was actually planning on doing a Step Brothers piece for Crazy 4 Cult this year but the gallery people told me told hold off because they were planning a stand alone show just for this movie. I was so excited! My friends, wife and I are obsessed with this movie and quote it non-stop. I decided to make a piece based on my favorite line in the movie; which was tough because i have many favorite lines from this movie. Be careful, it's got some NSFW words...

This original hand drawn piece will be on display and available for purchase when the show opens at Gallery 1988: Venice on Friday, Augusts 31st! Here is some more info on the piece:

Title: "You Know What's Good for Shoulder Pain?"
Medium: Colored Pencil on Bristol (hand drawn)
Size: 8"x10"
Edition: 1/1 framed
Price: $175

I will also be making a digital print out of this that should be available in the next week or two for anyone whose interested.

Thursday, August 23

Classis Monsters of Horror

Just ordered Classic Monster of Horror Giclee prints. They will be available for purchase starting at Baltimore Comic Con Sept 8-9. They are printed on 8" x 8" on Smooth, Fine Art, 270 gsm, 15 mil., archival (or really nice fancy card stock). The prints are $10 each or $50 for the set of 6 (save $10). This will be a limited edition run of 10 prints per monster; or 60 prints total. After the show I will most likely list any remaining prints on my Etsy shop. Also stay tuned for a possible Series 2...

Wednesday, August 22

Robby the Robot

Another addition to my Classic Horror Monster series; Robby the Robot from the movie "Forbidden Planet". I thought i was done but i think i will do one more before getting these printed out. I'm thinking a Martian Invader...

Tuesday, August 21

Breaking Bad: The Animated Series "Spoiler" Variant

Since the Breaking Bad Art Project is now open over at Gallery 1988 I can show you guys the "Spoiler" variant piece i made! Now don't be alarmed by the super pixelated thumbnail above as I did this for a good reason. While the regular version does in fact have some spoilers in it if you don't watch the show, this one has some HUGE spoilers so I didn't want to ruin it for anyone who doesn't watch the show and one day will or isn't up to date. So go ahead and click the thumbnail above to see the non pixelated version and as one guy on the internet put it...

"...prepare to hide your enjoyment boner (that’s a thing, right?)..."

And if you are interested in purchasing one they will be available sometime later today via my Etsy shop and you can find out when by following me on Twitter. This will be your last chance to get one as i've heard the gallery sold out last night during the opening.

Sunday, August 19

Breaking Bad: The Animated Series

Last night, Gallery 1988 hosted a special VIP opening of The Breaking Bad Art Project presented by Sony & AMC. (The show opens this Monday for everyone else) They even decked out the gallery to look like a 'Super Lab' which you can find some pics of online. The VIP opening was for friends and family of the gallery, artists and cast and crew of Breaking Bad. Some of the Breaking Bad crew who attending were Bryan Cranston, Vince Gilligan & Bob Odenkirk to name a few. And what I can only describe as FUCKING AMAZING; one of the writers / producers (Peter Gould) bought one of my Breaking Bad: The Animated Series prints and Bryan Cranston autographed it...


Here are the print details:
Size: 11" x 14"
Material: Giclee Textured Water Color Paper
Edition: 30 regular / 10 variant (not pictured... yet)
Price: $50 regular / $65 variant

I will also be selling some Artist Proofs directly sometime on Tuesday. Just follow me on Twitter to find out when!

Friday, August 10

The Breaking Bad Art Project

Can't say much about this show yet as it is kind of on the hush hush but I am SO excited for this one. This show has got to be one of the best of all time. I started watching and got hooked and watched season 1-4 in 18 days with a week to spare before season 5 started! Can't quite reveal my final piece yet but there will actually be a regular print and a "Spoiler" variant print. In the mean time, above is the main poster for the show and below is another small preview of my piece...

You can see more little snippets of my piece is you follow me on Twitter or Like Me on Facebook.

Thursday, August 9

***Now on Sale*** Faking Out Parents P.S.A.

Take a look at my contribution to Gallery 1988's biggest show of the year; Crazy 4 Cult NYC. This little doodle is based on Ferris Bueller's Day Off if you didn't already know that... As you might have heard, this years show is a little different as it is taking place in NYC rather then LA. The 'pop-up' show will be held at:
Gallery1988 NYC Pop-up Store
64 Gansevoort St., NY, NY 10014

The opening reception is tonight (8/9/2012) from 6pm - 9pm and I will be in attendance along with Dave Perillo, Scott Derby and Tom Whalen! Be sure to visit Gallery 1988's website for more info. Here are the details on my print which will be available for purchase:

Title: Faking Out Parents P.S.A.
Size: 11" x 14"
Material: Giclee Textured Water Color Paper / Certified Archival
Edition: 35 (signed & numbered)
Price: $85 for #1 framed piece • $45 for #2 - 35

Monday, July 30


Extremely busy with doodles lately that I can't really show off just yet but this is just a little something I'm working on right now for a client. Probably one of my favorite projects I've ever worked on. So far,  just a case study of logo & branding...

Friday, June 29

***Update - Now on Sale*** Bluth Family Chicken Dance

***UPDATE*** For those who missed out on purchasing a "Bluth Family Chicken Dance" print from Gallery 1988 (it sold out on opening night, never made it to their website to purchase!) you're in luck. I happen to have a VERY limited amount of prints left from the original run and they are now on sale! Just click the link below to go to my Etsy shop and get yours before they are all gone!

 Well you've all been patient and now here is my piece for tonight's Gallery 1988 Arrested Development show; "There's Always Money in the Banana Stand". This is a homage to one of my favorite gags on the amazing show; the fact that everyone has a terrible impression of a chicken. Check out this YouTube clip and you can see a collection of all of them at once: Chicken Dance

The opening of the show is Fri, June 29th from 7-10pm and will run until July 21st. Here are the print details which will be available for purchase directly through the gallery and I will have some artist proofs available as well.

Size: 10" x 10"
Material: Giclee Textured Watercolor Paper
Edition: 25
Price: $25
Print #1 will be framed and actually has a little drawing on the print of Tobias Funke and will be $55. Here is a little photo of #1:

Thursday, June 21

Bluth Family Chicken Dance Preview...

A little preview of my piece for the upcoming Gallery 1988 show: "There's Always Money in the Banana Stand" A Tribute to Arrested Development. The show opens June 29th and runs until July 21st at the Melrose gallery. Check out their site for more info! My piece is titled "The Bluth Family Chicken Dance" and for anyone who has watched the show certainly get's the joke...

Monday, June 18

The Mummy

Well this series of doodles has just been a ton of fun and I can't seem to draw them fast enough. This time around we have The Mummy! I'm thinking some killer robots next or possibly a certain giant lizard are on deck! Stay tuned...


Check out this little baddie... The Wolfman! And would you get a look at those little jeans shorts; very stylin'. Next up; The Mummy!

Thursday, June 14

Dracula **Update**

After showing this to some people (mostly my wife) we determined that the drop of blood in the word balloon wasn't obvious enough. Looked more like a tear then blood so I reworked it to be more obvious and Dracula related...

The original count... Dracula! I based his design on the Bela Lugosi version because I just happened to like that one the most. This is the 3rd in my new series of Classic Monsters of Horror and I am having lots of fun with them. I've got plans for a couple more but if you had to guess the next one, it would have to be a classic with a bullet... a silver bullet. Man these have just been the most awful clues...

For anyone who actually reads this blog... I think will be doing a print run of these. Just curious, would you guys prefer individual prints or one large print with the collected set? Thoughts?

Friday, June 8

Frankenstein's Monster

Next up in my Classic Horror series is everyone's favorite flat-top... Frankenstein's Monster! Maybe it's just me but all I can think about when I see Frankenstein is the very funny Herman Munster played by Fred Gwynne. Which I just recently found out they are revamping for TV as a new drama...?! and Jerry O'Connell is going to play Herman Munster...?! I guess as an average person I just don't understand 'big picture' things or how TV Networks are run. Oh well. Next up... a classic blood sucker who doesn't need blush, eye liner or a not so sunny disposition to be awesome!

Wednesday, June 6

Creature From the Black Lagoon

Here is the 1st of a new series I've started; Classic Monsters of Horror. First up; The Creature from the Black Lagoon! He just can't wait to sink he teeth into a bikini wearing damsel in distress either. Next up, the good doctor's creation if you get my drift...

Monday, June 4

Cowboy Gil

Here is one of my newest doodles; "Cowboy Gil"! This is for the upcoming Gallery 1988 show "Excuuuuuuse Meeeeeeee" which is a tribute to the totally awesome Steve Martin. This piece is based on the movie Parenthood (1989). The show opens this Friday, June 8th at Gallery 1988: Venice. Here's some info on the piece:

Size: 9" x 9"
Material: Giclee Textured Watercolor Paper
Edition: 25
Price: $25

Head on over to Gallery 1988's site for more info.

Thursday, May 31

Alien VS Ripley

I started thinking about what classic movies i love that i haven't tackled yet and then it hit me... Alien! Well, Aliens if you want to get specific for this little doodle. Well, that and I'm excited about the new Prometheus movie coming out which may or may not be Alien related?! What better way to show some love then by having a dirty ol' smiling Alien sneaking up on an unsuspecting Ripley! And by the way, if you eyes are drawn towards her very Back to the Future 2-esque  style high-tops and find yourself wondering why i drew them like that... then look no further: Alien Reeboks! This will available starting tomorrow at Wizard World Philly as a 6"x4" mini print on Premium White 67lb Cardstock in full color!

Friday, May 25

TMNT Arcade Redux

Earlier this year i created 4 separate Ninja Turtle prints based on the original arcade game from 1989 exclusively for a Gallery 1988 show. They sold out quick but i thought for those who missed out (and by popular demand) i would make a new print with all 4 prints in 1 with some extra design in it. This new print is 11" x 14" on Premium White 67lb Cardstock in full color and will be available at the upcoming Wizard World Philly (I will be there June 1- June 3 in artist alley). I will also be debuting another old school video game print at the show. But if you want to see it, you will have to swing by my table as I'll be premiering it there! I'll give you a hint, it's called "The Mushroom Kingdom" and it's pretty neat.

Monday, May 21

Crazy 4 Cult Tease & more...

The tough part about doing all these awesome shows for Gallery 1988 is having to not show you guys all of the awesome stuff I'm working on. Well it's not that terrible because I do get to draw awesome pop-culture inspired doodles, so not all bad. This year I am back in one of G88's ongoing biggest and most popular shows again, Crazy 4 Cult. This year looks to be extra special but I can't really divulge why at this point... it's a SECRET. The show will likely be in August and when I am aloud to post more info, I certainly will. Additionally, there is also another upcoming show at Gallery 1988: Venice and it is all about the very awesome and funny Steve Martin. That show opens June 8 and runs until June 30. I will have a print in that show and below is a little preview of that one as well...

Thursday, May 10

As Promised...

I turned the marker doodle into a fancy new print! I kinda thought that making yet another TMNT print might be overkill but I'm not sure that is possible. Too many TMNT print? Whose ever heard of such a thing ever in a world?

 This one will be 5.5" x 14" and printed on Premium White 67lb Cardstock in full color and will be available at upcoming shows and my online store as soon as a get some some printed.

My next show will be Wizard World Philly in Artist Alley on Friday, June 1st - June 3rd, be there!

Tuesday, May 8

TMNT Doodle

Did this Ninja Turtles doodle recently. I had a random tall piece of paper lying around and as soon as i looked at it i saw 4 jumping turtles on it so... I drew exactly that. A little pencil, pen and marker action and we get 4 hip and tubular dudes. Thinking of making a print out of this little diddy. Cowabunga!

Monday, April 30

The Punisher

Not a whole lot to say about this one. I've never really drawn the Punisher aside from a super quick head sketch here and there but i had an itch to draw him the other day. I liked the sketch so much i decided to make a mini print out of it. Note the band-aide on his forehead, saftey first! Don't want lil' old Punisher going out to play with his friends with an open cut exposed!

Thursday, April 26


 Now for some awesome robots! Meet the Glaubots! Model # 13-r41N (BRAIN) & Model # U-63N3 (EUGENE). I love doing original stuff but time doesn't always allow for it. Also, the original stuff doesn't also draw the attention of say a Back to the Future piece so it sometimes falls by the way side. But i had spare few minutes to work on these fellas while also working on a super awesome Super Mario Bros. style commission too (which should be done and up in the not too distant future!). This one will be available as an 11x11 print at upcoming conventions as well as on my online shop soon enough.

Also, i thought it might be cool to show you guys my process from how i get from little sketch to a finished fancy pants doodle! Starts with a pencil sketch that i actually took a picture with my phone. Then in Adobe Illustrator CS4 (on a PC) i trace my line work, while cleaning it up and possibly make some changes to the drawing and composition. Then i take my plain black and white line work and slap some colors on it and hope it sticks. I actually use this cool site a lot called Kuler (by Adobe) which is really great for color schemes and inspiration. Check it out here: After i've added all my flat colors i will start to add highlights and shadows and layer of colors. Sometimes that is where i am finished but sometimes i like to add textures or rough / soft edges to the elements of the doodle in either Illustrator or more recently I have been trying out Photoshop. I will overlay an image with texture in it like worn out concrete, plaster, paper, brush marks, water, whatever type of effect i'm in the mood for really... that i get from this really great site called CG Textures: Then i may mess with the opacity (make them lighter or darker) of the textures and colors so that the main focus of the piece (usually the characters) don't get over shadowed by some grimy texture i've put in. Got it? Good, now go out there and make your own doodles!

Monday, April 23

Chewbacca, What a Wookie...

Based on a quick marker sketch i did of Chewbacca a lil' while ago. Click here to view the original. Trying out some new Photoshop techniques (textures, dodge & burn) in addition to my usual Illustrator vector art. This will be available as a mini print at upcoming shows as well as on my online shop soon enough.

Monday, April 16

Walking Dead Commission

Who doesn't love a good ol' fashion zombie brain blowout?! Take a gander at the latest commission i just finished based on "The Walking Dead". There were only a few requests for the commission; must include Rick in his Sheriff's uniform, his big hat and lots 'o' zombies and the rest was up to me. I think my favorite part is actually the silhouettes at the bottom. Much harder then i thought it would be and i really like the way the (super cartoony) cop car came out. This print will actually be available for purchase very soon for everyone on my Esty shop. It will be a 11x14 full color print on heavy cover stock.

And i don't know about you guys, but i can't wait for that show to start back up again!

Friday, April 13

Greetings From Bodega Bay

Good Evening...

Here is my print; "Greetings From Bodega Bay" that i created for the upcoming show Alfred Hitchcock tribute show opening at Gallery 1988: Venice:

"Suspense & Gallows Humor"
a tribute to the all-time greatest

The print is based on the 1963 Cult-Classic, "The Birds". The title of the piece is a reference to the town in which the movie takes place in; Bodega Bay, California. Here is some info about the show from /Film:

This Friday the 13th, Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles is paying homage to one of the masters of terror: Alfred Hitchcock. Their new show, Suspense and Gallows Humor: A Tribute to the All Time Greatest, opens Friday at their Venice location and will be on display through May 5.
Art from several of Hitchcock’s classic films such as The Birds, Psycho, Vertigo, North by Northwest and many more will all on display from artists such as JC Richard, Jay Shaw, Joshua Budich, Guy Burwell, Todd Slater, Phantom City Creative, Jayson Weidel, DKNG, Fernando Reza and others. Check out a small sample after the jump.
The show opens Friday April 13 from 7-10 p.m. at 214 Pier Avenue, Santa Monica, CA.

And here is some info on my print:
Title: "Greetings From Bodega Bay"
Size: 11"x14" (12"x15" framed)
Material: 2 Color D&L Screenprint on 80lb Cream Speckletone Paper (has this cool texture embedded in the paper!)
Edition: 63 (signed and numbered)
Price: $50 #1 framed piece • $30 #2-63

My print along with all the other artwork will be available for purchase tonight at Gallery 1988: Venice and then available for purchase online on their site the following day. Visit Gallery 1988's site for more info.

I also have some Artist's Proofs available for purchase if anyone is interested.