Friday, September 16

"A Better Tomorrow" T-Shirt Sale!

Mark "V" your calendars! 

Well you asked for it and now you're gettin' it! My Stark Industries t-shirt or as it's being called now; "A Better Tomorrow" will be on sale for one day only over at! It will be going up for sale on Wednesday, September 21st at 12:00am CST for $10. Tell your friends! Your family! Your evil nemesis! Even they need cool threads!

Wednesday, September 14

Star Trek Commission!

Just finished up what is my first real Star Trek piece. I've done quickie sketches before but never a full fleshed out one before. This lovely lady wanted herself at a Star Trek Engineer only in Vulcan form! I threw in some extra stuff too like some Vulcan text (says her name and 'Vulcan Engineer'), their logo and the bridge from the Enterprise.


Tuesday, September 13

Brand Spankin' New Gallery!

As the title says... brand new Gallery! Now you can browse though all of my work in a new neat-o easy to use gallery. They are divided up into separate sections so you can find just what you're looking for. You can get there by clicking on the link in the main navigation above or the link below.

Friday, September 2

Hill Valley Maddogs... Up for Voting at 604 Republic!

Go vote for another t-shirt design over at 604 Republic! This one is based on Buford "Maddog" Tannen from Back to the Future 3. Who doesn't love a cool Back to the Future shirt! Just click the link below!