Thursday, December 15

The Glory Days: Dr. Henry Indiana Jones Jr

After popular demand i've posted a larger version to see all of the detail. Plus i also revised the image slightly. After looking it over i realized that Indy himself was A)either too small or B) his hat, jacket and satchel were too big. So i made him bigger so that his clothes would actually fit him. Or i could've just left it as is and just chalked it up to the idea of old people shrink...

I was recently commissioned to created a companion piece to "The Glory Days: Captain America" but this time using Indiana Jones as the subject. This was probably the most fun I've had on a drawing in a long time. It was really satisfying and i am really proud of how it came out. Lots and lots of relics, statues and easter eggs from the Indy universe as well as one other, can you name them all?

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