Tuesday, October 4

Sketches! Get your Free Sketches!

Above are 4 sketches i've recently done for some generous folks. If you've been following me on the Twitter then you've probably already seen these beauties. If you haven't seen them and you are wondering how people got them them? Glad you asked! Well anyone who makes a purchase at my online shop, automatically gets a free sketch (1 per order)! The subject of each sketch is based on what print(s) were purchased. How neat is that!?

Want your very own sketch? Well head on over to my online shop (link is also located at the top of the page if you ever forget) and order some prints. (You can even order a custom commissions too!) Then proceed to quit your job, draw the shades, turn off your phone and patiently wait at your door until the package arrives with prints and a free sketch! What could be better? Don't answer that...

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