Sunday, October 23

Please Post Bills

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, i just have been pretty busy with freelance stuff. I haven't posted most of it because I either am not aloud to post it or it really just isn't suitable for posting on the site. But as some of you may have noticed if you are following me on Twitter or on Facebook is that I am posting small snapshots of a new piece that i have been working on. Well as I am sure some you have guessed it, it is a doodle based on the many characters of Bill Murray. It will be in display at an upcoming show at Gallery 1988 called "Please Post Bills" and will have a bunch of artists doing their very best interpretations of (the Legend that is) Bill Murray. Here's some info on the show:

"Please Post Bills"
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 3rd @ 7pm - 10pm
Gallery1988 (Melrose)
7020 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
I will have 1 piece at the show (1 framed giclee print and 24 unframed giclee prints) and it is called "Bill-O-Rama". I can't quite post the piece yet but i will as we get closer to the date! More info to follow, but in the mean time, here is one more preview...

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