Saturday, August 13

Stark Industries

Last night i saw the new Captain America movie for the second time and aside from just generally really liking it, one of my favorite aspects of it was that it was a period piece. And from one of my favorite periods i might add (actually, it's really anything from the roaring 20's to the mid to late 60's that i love) so there was a lot of attention to detail in this movie. I especially loved the Stark Expo / World's Fair vibe and all that 'World of Tomorrow' stuff. And something that i really took notice of the second time around was the Stark Industries logo from the 1940's. I knew that the minute i got home from the theater i had to recreate it and turn it into a t-shirt design. I could see it so vividly in my head, a extra soft gray t-shirt with a distressed 1 color logo on it with a catchy tagline. And a with a couple hours of work... poof! Here it is... let me know what you guys think! I wanna make this into a shirt but i want it on the right kind and for the right price. I'll probably also submit it to some of those one a day sites too as a test.


Dara said...

What an awesome logo! Yes, it must be on a comfy gray T-shirt. 100% cotton, baby -- none of that
50/50 mishegas! I'd plunk down $15 for one.

I didn't see Captain America or Iron Man (don't hate), but I do remember the '60's Iron Man cartoon theme:

"Tony Stark makes you feel
He's a cool exec with a heart of steel..."

He'd be even cooler if he wore this shirt!

IAN! said...

Ahahahah, love it!