Thursday, July 14

Birthday Card Commission

 I was recently commissioned to create a birthday card for a little girl's 1st birthday party! After multiple revisions and my lovely wife's help, the card now makes sense. In the original layout the card was supposed to read (and in my head it did...) "Happy 1st Birthday Party.", "You're Invited!", and then the little girl's name, "Finley Bell". But what it actually ended up saying (because I don't think too far ahead) was "Happy Birthday Party 1st Your Invited Finley Bell" which doesn't really make too much sense. So now it reads "You're Invited to Finley Bell's 1st Birthday Party"... much better! Thanks for being a nice wife and an even better editor, Kim!

1 comment:

K said...

haha! Just saw this.... wait... are you saying I am a better editor than wife? Hehe! Thats not good! :)

P.S. It is 4:48 AM, why are you sleeping? oh wait, why am I not sleeping?