Friday, July 29

Prehistoric Pee Wee! **Now on Sale!**

You can now purchase "Prehistoric Pee Wee" directly from Gallery 1988! 

Check out my contribution to the "I Know You Are, But What Am I?"A Pee Wee Herman Tribute Art Show! The show is at Gallery 1988: Venice and opens tonight! This has to be my favorite show I've ever done for Gallery 1988 as Pee Wee is pretty much my favorite person ever! I watched the show, saw the movies, had the toys and most recently I got to see him do Pee Wees Playhouse on Broadway in NYC! Amazing, he really hasn't lost a step. So when i was asked to contribute some art to this show I had a really hard time figuring out what i wanted to do because i love everything he does! In the end I choose a scene from Pee Wees Big Adventure that had my 2 favorite things, Pee Wee and Dinosaurs! It will be on sale exclusively from Gallery 1988 at their location in Venice and on their website in a couple of days.

Print Info:
Title: Prehistoric Pee Wee
Medium: Giclee Smooth, Fine Art, 270 gsm, 15 mil., certified archival
Size: 11" x 17"
Edition: 20 Signed / Numbered
Limited Edition: #1 of 20 is Signed / Numbered / Framed with an actual red Pee Wee bowtie on the frame! (and if i must say, it looks awesome in person)
Price: $50 unframed / $100 framed

Gallery Info:
Show opens Friday, July 29th • 7-10 pm and runs til August 19th.

214 Pier Ave • Santa Monica, CA 90405
Ph: 424-238-5988 • e-mail:
Hrs: Wed -Sun 11am-6pm

Wednesday, July 27

Viking T-Shirt

 I was recently commissioned to create a design for a new line of t-shirts. And no your eyes are no deceiving you... that is in fact a big burly bearded viking riding a unicorn letting you know just how awesome you are! And this is exactly what I was asked to create and i had a blast doing it. This are in the process of being made into some nifty t-shirts as we speak. Stay tuned for more info; like pricing, availability, actual product photos and more. Additionally, i might have some on hand at the upcoming show in Baltimore at the end of August if you guys were interested.

Tuesday, July 26

It's Turbo Time!

I know, i know. Most of you were thinking, "How can he claim to be doing a series of the best Arnold Schwarzenegger quote and movies without having Jingle All the Way!?". Well, i heard your cries and now your prays have been answered! And oddly enough, i actually saw this some of this movie on TV yesterday morning while getting ready for work. So bad... or so good? Nope, so bad.

Friday, July 15

Total Recall Personalized Commission

This piece was created specifically for a fellow named Shannon Richter. It is based on the line from Total Recall, "See you at the party Richter!", only his friend put's his name in it and he thought it would make a great birthday gift. I for one, totally agree. I added Richter's blooding arm stumps and some hints of the elevator and the Red Planet's terrain. I hope Shannon like this!

Thursday, July 14

Birthday Card Commission

 I was recently commissioned to create a birthday card for a little girl's 1st birthday party! After multiple revisions and my lovely wife's help, the card now makes sense. In the original layout the card was supposed to read (and in my head it did...) "Happy 1st Birthday Party.", "You're Invited!", and then the little girl's name, "Finley Bell". But what it actually ended up saying (because I don't think too far ahead) was "Happy Birthday Party 1st Your Invited Finley Bell" which doesn't really make too much sense. So now it reads "You're Invited to Finley Bell's 1st Birthday Party"... much better! Thanks for being a nice wife and an even better editor, Kim!