Wednesday, June 22

Wizard World Philly Video Interview!

During this past (awesome) Wizard World Philly i was interviewed to talk about being kind of the 'independent' artist guy and it was really a lot of fun. I also learned a few things... 1) i have a much deeper voice then i thought i did. 2) I stutter a lot. Hope you enjoy! I will be posting some of the sketches and commissions i did while at the show shortly.

Tuesday, June 21

Shell Shock: A TMNT Art Show & Tribute Video

Check out this really cool video from the Shell Shock show. There were some really amazing pieces in this show and you can even see a little bit of mine at the 2:20 mark!


This video was filmed & edited by Isaac Ruth & Produced by Chogrin of the Autumn Society.

Music (TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (Dance Version Theme) by DWP STUDIO PROJECT ( - available on iTUNES.

Credits Music from ULTRA GAMES / KONAMI's TMNT game intro (1989).

Monday, June 13

... and Break Your Goddamn Spine!

Not sure if it is because Arnold has been in the news for his "10 year discrepancy" or not but there sure have been a lot of his movies on TV lately. I saw Total Recall the other day and this past weekend was The Running Man. I sure miss those movie days of his... And if you haven't seen The Running Man, i highly recommend it. Depicted here is Ben Richards in all of his spandex uni-tard glory!

Friday, June 10

Douchebags are Hygienic Products…

If you've ever seen the movie Wet Hot American Summer then you know how many great scenes there are in it! So you can imagine how hard it was to pick just one for my piece for the Gallery 1988 (Venice, CA) show: "CAMP FIREWOOD" Celebrating the 10th anniversary of WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER. The show opens tonight at 7pm at the newly opened Gallery 1988 in Venice, CA (they have 2 gallery spaces and the other is in LA). If you can make it out there i would highly recommend it as it will be hosted by the film's director and co-writer; David Wain! For all the info on the show just visit Gallery 1988's website.And in case you've never seen the movie (which you should if you like awkward, silly & hilarious 80's summer camp movies) check out the trailer here. And here is the scene in which i based my piece on...

Monday, June 6

Unused Logos

Here are some logo designs i made that never saw the light of day. The client liked choice C from the first batch and so it grew from there. Unfortunately they were never happy with designs i came up with and that's just the way it goes sometimes...

Wednesday, June 1

Turtle Power!

Here is my entry in the the ASOP Show: Shell Shock. I call it Turtle Power and it will be on display out Brave New Worlds comic shop in Philly starting Friday, June 3rd (6pm - 9pm) until the end of the month. I had a lot of fun going back and seeing all the characters (and toys) i used to have and sadly don't anymore. It was really hard choosing which characters to put in and which i had to ultimately leave out. And it was also hard creating this piece because apparently my computer couldn't handle the raw Turtle Power (or the absurd amount of objects and line work). Which brings me to my next point children... when is someone going to invent a computer that never needs upgrading and is always fast? Come on scientists, make it happen!