Friday, April 22

Get to the Choppa! **Update**

A friend of mine recently showed me this video and i got inspired. This piece is from my favorite Arnold movie by far; Predator. I'm actually thinking of doing a whole run of these with his awesome one liners...
"I'll be back..."
"Let off some steam, Bennett."
"Killian, here's your Subzero, now plain zero."
"Get your ass to Mars."
"It's not a tumor."
"Rubber baby buggy bumpers!"
"I need that Turbo Man doll!"
"Chill out."

What do you guys think? Should i do this new series?


I decided to revise the piece a little for 2 reasons. First, i completely forgot to put in Arnold's patented gap on his 2 front teeth... doh! And second, i felt the character as a whole was too small and needed to be made larger to see all the detail. The character is just as important as the catch phrase so i wanted them to be more equal and fill up the space more. Thoughts?


BigRed said...

Definitely!! :D

PhilD85 said...

any chance of this series being made into desktop wallpapers?