Monday, January 10

John Candyland Print

Here is the piece i did for the show at Gallery 1988; "Is This Thing On?". I actually went out to the show in LA, which was a hoot! I have some pictures that I may post at some point of the event but i can sum it was with the following: SUPER CROWDED! The place was jam packed with people all itching to buy some prints and original artwork! If you are interested in purchasing a print just click the BUY NOW link below. That's all for now!


shaunster said...

You might want to see this

It's your graphic..

IAN said...

i saw that! that's pretty awesome!

Glen said...

Hi Ian, thanks for the kind words about my piece! I'm actually somewhat relieved to know that somebody else had as much trouble shipping their piece as I did, the EXACT same thing happened to me with the frame breaking and the print being damaged. I felt so terrible that it was late.

I love your John Candyland piece, one of my favorites of the show. In fact it was the only one my girlfriend specifically pointed out after browsing the work online. She said, "Did you see the John Candy one? That was amazing!"