Friday, December 30

T-Shirts for Sale!

Well after trying to get my designs made into t-shirts through many different avenues I've decided to put things into my own hands. I have put these 2 designs up for sale over at so you can purchase them wherever and whenever you want. They are a little more money then the "1 shirt / 1 day" site but this seems to be the only alternative. I have never seen or purchased any items off of Red Bubble but I've heard good things. Below are links to each respective shirt and if anyone buys one, please let me know what you think of the quality of the shirts. If all goes well and the products are good I may start putting up new shirts consistently.

Thursday, December 22

**UPDATE** Save the Clock Tower

You can now vote for "Save the Clock Tower" over at No registration required! So if you've got a spare 30 seconds, please head on over there (via the link below) and give me a high scoring vote! Thanks friend...

Click here to vote »

"Save the clock tower, save the clock tower. Mayor Wilson is sponsoring an initiative to replace that clock. Thirty years ago, lightning struck that clock tower and the clock hasn't run since. We at the Hill Valley Preservation Society think it should be preserved exactly the way it is as part of our history and heritage."

Just submitted this design over at Hopefully they'll print it! Oh and if anyone doesn't get the reference then you obviously don't like the same movies as me!

Monday, December 19


I am currently running a contest over at my Facebook page for a chance to win free prints! Here's the excerpt from Facebook:

Contest Time!
Want to win a free print or prints from my shop? It's real easy... All you have to do is get 10 new people to "Like" my Doodles From My Noodle Facebook page you get $25 credit (+ free shipping within the Continental US only) to spend at my Etsy shop!

Here are the specific rules on the contest:

• Contest will run from Monday, Dec 19 2011 - Friday, Jan 20 2012
• There can be multiple winners within the contest run (see dates above). For example; if 3 people each get 10 new unique followers within the contest dates, they each get their own unique $25 prize credit to my shop.
• Once you have hit 10 new "Likes" please email me directly with those 10 names and i will do my best to verify. My email address is: And I am going on the Honor System here so please be honest!
• Once you have been notified as winner (via email) you get $25 credit (+ free shipping within the Continental US only) to spend on a one time only purchase at my Esty shop (link: Please note that you will not actually be purchasing the items through the shop but rather via email so DO NOT BUY ANYTHING DIRECTLY OFF THE SITE. Simply write me via email letting me know which item or items you would like from my shop by item name.
• With the $25 credit you may purchase multiple items as long as the total is equal to or lesser then $25. You may not go over the $25 limit or put the $25 credit towards an item or items that is greater then the $25.
• The $25 credit is only good for a one-time only purchase and may not be carried over to another and or later transaction.
• If the $25 credit is not used in total during your transaction you forfeit the remainder of the credit. For example; if you purchase $7 item and $16 item that is a total of $23 you will have a remainder of $2 credit. Since there are no items on my site for $2 dollars you will simply forfeit the remainder of the credit. This remaining credit is lost and you can not use it on another purchase.
• You may only win once, no double winners. Winning twice could create a time paradox, the results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space time continuum, and destroy the entire universe! Granted, that's a worse case scenario. The destruction might in fact be very localized, limited to merely our own galaxy.
• While you may only win once, you can certainly get more then 10 friends to "Like" my page as that results in good vibes.
• Good luck!

So head on over there for your chance to win! Here is a link: Doodles From My Noodle via Facebook or click the link in the left navigation!

Sunday, December 18

The Blues Brothers Cartoon

Jake and Elwood. Need i say more? Man i love this movie so i decided to make a a print of it. You like?

By the way, i've never seen the sequel and i've heard that's a good thing...

Thursday, December 15

The Glory Days: Dr. Henry Indiana Jones Jr

After popular demand i've posted a larger version to see all of the detail. Plus i also revised the image slightly. After looking it over i realized that Indy himself was A)either too small or B) his hat, jacket and satchel were too big. So i made him bigger so that his clothes would actually fit him. Or i could've just left it as is and just chalked it up to the idea of old people shrink...

I was recently commissioned to created a companion piece to "The Glory Days: Captain America" but this time using Indiana Jones as the subject. This was probably the most fun I've had on a drawing in a long time. It was really satisfying and i am really proud of how it came out. Lots and lots of relics, statues and easter eggs from the Indy universe as well as one other, can you name them all?

Wednesday, December 14

The Enchanted Tiki Room

I had to wait a little bit to post this baby because it was actually a birthday gift for my lovely wife! We both love Disney World and all of the retro goodness it has within it's magical walls. This is based on the super old school attraction called Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. Its chock full of charismatic singing birds, tiki gods & more. You can probably see the whole attraction on YouTube if you do a search. Now this actually started out as an idea for just the birthday card but i liked how it was coming out so much that i created a large poster out it too! So she has a neato card and poster!

I might put out a print of the poster if there is enough interest...

Tuesday, November 29

An Elephant Never Forgets to Save the Date

Here is one of the recent projects that's been keeping me super busy. This one was a lot of fun as the happy couple gave me the following to work with; they like elephants, Hawaii and their dog. And use colors in the red, purple and blue family (think pretty jewels). And believe it or not, that was more then enough to let my imagination run wild! Thoughts?

Friday, November 25


This weekend only, you can receive 10% off your purchase at my online shop! Just use the coupon code 10OFFDOODLES during checkout to save 10%. And if there are any prints you see on my site but not for sale on the shop, just send me a message through Etsy and i can make a custom order for you. Click the link below to start shopping!

Tuesday, November 8

Bills for Sale!

My "Bill-O-Rama" print for the Gallery 1988 show; "Please Post Bills" is now on sale via their website! Just click the link below to purchase your very own high quality signed and numbered giclee print for $50 beans.

Monday, November 7

Blues Brothers Sketch

Did this sketch of The Blues Brothers over the weekend while at WildPig Con. I think i may make a print out of this... That is all. Smiley Face.

Wednesday, November 2

Wild Pig Convention!

This weekend i will have a table at the WildPig Fall 2011 Con! I will be selling all new prints, t-shirts, and doing commissions. The show is a one day one show on Saturday, November 5th from 10am - 6pm. It will be held at Holiday Inn in Somerset and admission is only $5 per person. For more info on the show, please visit the official WildPig website

"The WildPig Comics Convention recreates the old store and 50% sale you've come to know and love, but now in a much larger location, and with dozens of artists to boot!"

Friday, October 28


Well, i've waited long enough... let your peepers eye ball my doodle for the Gallery 1988 show; "Please Post Bills". I call this one "Bill-O-Rama"! It started with the idea to feature Ernie McCraken from Kingpin and somehow feature a lot of Bill's other classic characters and then it kinda grew from there. I think Bob Wiley from "What About Bob?" and his cameo from "Zombieland" turned out the best. Which are your favorites?

If you guys are interested in purchasing one of these beauties they will be on sale starting Nov. 4th at Gallery 1988 (Melrose) at the opening reception. The gallery will post the remaining prints on their online shop a few days after the show opens. Check out Gallery 1998's site for further details about the sale. In the mean time here is some more info about the print:

Title: "Bill-O-Rama"
Material: Giclee Archival Print (really awesome quality print and a real smooth card stock)
Edition (Qty): 25
Size: 20" x 10"
Price: $50 

I will also have a couple artist proofs available for purchase. If you are interested, just drop me a line!

Wednesday, October 26

This & That

Here are some freelance projects I've been working on...
 A crest for a wedding favor
After the crest was chosen, it was then applied to the label i designed for a wine bottle!
A logo designed for an amateur roller hockey league. I'm proud of the design itself but I'm not exactly a fan of the name Scorgasm, especially for the name of a hockey team... oh well. Can't win'm all.

Monday, October 24

Totally Awesome Bro T-Shirt for Sale!

A little while back i was commissioned to design a really unique and fun t-shirt design. Well here is the finalized design; "Totally Awesome Bro!". These are now available in men's and women's sizes for a mere $15 bucks via Arms & Danger! Click the link below to go right to their online shop and check them out on Twitter and Facebook too!

Sunday, October 23

Please Post Bills

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, i just have been pretty busy with freelance stuff. I haven't posted most of it because I either am not aloud to post it or it really just isn't suitable for posting on the site. But as some of you may have noticed if you are following me on Twitter or on Facebook is that I am posting small snapshots of a new piece that i have been working on. Well as I am sure some you have guessed it, it is a doodle based on the many characters of Bill Murray. It will be in display at an upcoming show at Gallery 1988 called "Please Post Bills" and will have a bunch of artists doing their very best interpretations of (the Legend that is) Bill Murray. Here's some info on the show:

"Please Post Bills"
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 3rd @ 7pm - 10pm
Gallery1988 (Melrose)
7020 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
I will have 1 piece at the show (1 framed giclee print and 24 unframed giclee prints) and it is called "Bill-O-Rama". I can't quite post the piece yet but i will as we get closer to the date! More info to follow, but in the mean time, here is one more preview...

Tuesday, October 4

Sketches! Get your Free Sketches!

Above are 4 sketches i've recently done for some generous folks. If you've been following me on the Twitter then you've probably already seen these beauties. If you haven't seen them and you are wondering how people got them them? Glad you asked! Well anyone who makes a purchase at my online shop, automatically gets a free sketch (1 per order)! The subject of each sketch is based on what print(s) were purchased. How neat is that!?

Want your very own sketch? Well head on over to my online shop (link is also located at the top of the page if you ever forget) and order some prints. (You can even order a custom commissions too!) Then proceed to quit your job, draw the shades, turn off your phone and patiently wait at your door until the package arrives with prints and a free sketch! What could be better? Don't answer that...

Friday, September 16

"A Better Tomorrow" T-Shirt Sale!

Mark "V" your calendars! 

Well you asked for it and now you're gettin' it! My Stark Industries t-shirt or as it's being called now; "A Better Tomorrow" will be on sale for one day only over at! It will be going up for sale on Wednesday, September 21st at 12:00am CST for $10. Tell your friends! Your family! Your evil nemesis! Even they need cool threads!

Wednesday, September 14

Star Trek Commission!

Just finished up what is my first real Star Trek piece. I've done quickie sketches before but never a full fleshed out one before. This lovely lady wanted herself at a Star Trek Engineer only in Vulcan form! I threw in some extra stuff too like some Vulcan text (says her name and 'Vulcan Engineer'), their logo and the bridge from the Enterprise.


Tuesday, September 13

Brand Spankin' New Gallery!

As the title says... brand new Gallery! Now you can browse though all of my work in a new neat-o easy to use gallery. They are divided up into separate sections so you can find just what you're looking for. You can get there by clicking on the link in the main navigation above or the link below.

Friday, September 2

Hill Valley Maddogs... Up for Voting at 604 Republic!

Go vote for another t-shirt design over at 604 Republic! This one is based on Buford "Maddog" Tannen from Back to the Future 3. Who doesn't love a cool Back to the Future shirt! Just click the link below!

Monday, August 29

VOTE NOW! Stark Industries T-Shirt Design

Well, you asked for it. My Stark Industries design is now up for voting on 604 Republic. The more 'Amazing' votes i get the better chance i have of this shirt being printed. You DO NOT need to have or sign up for a new account to vote, just click on the link below and simply vote! Please pass this along to your friends and anyone else who you think would be interested in getting this t-shirt!

Wednesday, August 24

Etsy Shop Now Open!

I just opened my new Doodles From My Noodles Shop over at Etsy! Check it out and let me know what you think! I will adding new products all of the time so check back often. And as an added bonus, you will get a free sketch with every purchase! I will also be taking commissions through the shop as well (i will still be taking them through this site as well) so start coming up with ideas for your very own custom Ian Brand Doodles!

Thursday, August 18

Ferris Bueller Cartoon

Just in time for this weekend's Baltimore Comic Con! My newest mini print; one of my all time favorite movies... Ferris Bueller's Day Off! I'm not really sure why it's taken me so long to do this one but here it is. Hope to see you guys this weekend!

Saturday, August 13

Stark Industries

Last night i saw the new Captain America movie for the second time and aside from just generally really liking it, one of my favorite aspects of it was that it was a period piece. And from one of my favorite periods i might add (actually, it's really anything from the roaring 20's to the mid to late 60's that i love) so there was a lot of attention to detail in this movie. I especially loved the Stark Expo / World's Fair vibe and all that 'World of Tomorrow' stuff. And something that i really took notice of the second time around was the Stark Industries logo from the 1940's. I knew that the minute i got home from the theater i had to recreate it and turn it into a t-shirt design. I could see it so vividly in my head, a extra soft gray t-shirt with a distressed 1 color logo on it with a catchy tagline. And a with a couple hours of work... poof! Here it is... let me know what you guys think! I wanna make this into a shirt but i want it on the right kind and for the right price. I'll probably also submit it to some of those one a day sites too as a test.

Friday, July 29

Prehistoric Pee Wee! **Now on Sale!**

You can now purchase "Prehistoric Pee Wee" directly from Gallery 1988! 

Check out my contribution to the "I Know You Are, But What Am I?"A Pee Wee Herman Tribute Art Show! The show is at Gallery 1988: Venice and opens tonight! This has to be my favorite show I've ever done for Gallery 1988 as Pee Wee is pretty much my favorite person ever! I watched the show, saw the movies, had the toys and most recently I got to see him do Pee Wees Playhouse on Broadway in NYC! Amazing, he really hasn't lost a step. So when i was asked to contribute some art to this show I had a really hard time figuring out what i wanted to do because i love everything he does! In the end I choose a scene from Pee Wees Big Adventure that had my 2 favorite things, Pee Wee and Dinosaurs! It will be on sale exclusively from Gallery 1988 at their location in Venice and on their website in a couple of days.

Print Info:
Title: Prehistoric Pee Wee
Medium: Giclee Smooth, Fine Art, 270 gsm, 15 mil., certified archival
Size: 11" x 17"
Edition: 20 Signed / Numbered
Limited Edition: #1 of 20 is Signed / Numbered / Framed with an actual red Pee Wee bowtie on the frame! (and if i must say, it looks awesome in person)
Price: $50 unframed / $100 framed

Gallery Info:
Show opens Friday, July 29th • 7-10 pm and runs til August 19th.

214 Pier Ave • Santa Monica, CA 90405
Ph: 424-238-5988 • e-mail:
Hrs: Wed -Sun 11am-6pm

Wednesday, July 27

Viking T-Shirt

 I was recently commissioned to create a design for a new line of t-shirts. And no your eyes are no deceiving you... that is in fact a big burly bearded viking riding a unicorn letting you know just how awesome you are! And this is exactly what I was asked to create and i had a blast doing it. This are in the process of being made into some nifty t-shirts as we speak. Stay tuned for more info; like pricing, availability, actual product photos and more. Additionally, i might have some on hand at the upcoming show in Baltimore at the end of August if you guys were interested.

Tuesday, July 26

It's Turbo Time!

I know, i know. Most of you were thinking, "How can he claim to be doing a series of the best Arnold Schwarzenegger quote and movies without having Jingle All the Way!?". Well, i heard your cries and now your prays have been answered! And oddly enough, i actually saw this some of this movie on TV yesterday morning while getting ready for work. So bad... or so good? Nope, so bad.

Friday, July 15

Total Recall Personalized Commission

This piece was created specifically for a fellow named Shannon Richter. It is based on the line from Total Recall, "See you at the party Richter!", only his friend put's his name in it and he thought it would make a great birthday gift. I for one, totally agree. I added Richter's blooding arm stumps and some hints of the elevator and the Red Planet's terrain. I hope Shannon like this!

Thursday, July 14

Birthday Card Commission

 I was recently commissioned to create a birthday card for a little girl's 1st birthday party! After multiple revisions and my lovely wife's help, the card now makes sense. In the original layout the card was supposed to read (and in my head it did...) "Happy 1st Birthday Party.", "You're Invited!", and then the little girl's name, "Finley Bell". But what it actually ended up saying (because I don't think too far ahead) was "Happy Birthday Party 1st Your Invited Finley Bell" which doesn't really make too much sense. So now it reads "You're Invited to Finley Bell's 1st Birthday Party"... much better! Thanks for being a nice wife and an even better editor, Kim!

Wednesday, June 22

Wizard World Philly Video Interview!

During this past (awesome) Wizard World Philly i was interviewed to talk about being kind of the 'independent' artist guy and it was really a lot of fun. I also learned a few things... 1) i have a much deeper voice then i thought i did. 2) I stutter a lot. Hope you enjoy! I will be posting some of the sketches and commissions i did while at the show shortly.

Tuesday, June 21

Shell Shock: A TMNT Art Show & Tribute Video

Check out this really cool video from the Shell Shock show. There were some really amazing pieces in this show and you can even see a little bit of mine at the 2:20 mark!


This video was filmed & edited by Isaac Ruth & Produced by Chogrin of the Autumn Society.

Music (TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (Dance Version Theme) by DWP STUDIO PROJECT ( - available on iTUNES.

Credits Music from ULTRA GAMES / KONAMI's TMNT game intro (1989).

Monday, June 13

... and Break Your Goddamn Spine!

Not sure if it is because Arnold has been in the news for his "10 year discrepancy" or not but there sure have been a lot of his movies on TV lately. I saw Total Recall the other day and this past weekend was The Running Man. I sure miss those movie days of his... And if you haven't seen The Running Man, i highly recommend it. Depicted here is Ben Richards in all of his spandex uni-tard glory!

Friday, June 10

Douchebags are Hygienic Products…

If you've ever seen the movie Wet Hot American Summer then you know how many great scenes there are in it! So you can imagine how hard it was to pick just one for my piece for the Gallery 1988 (Venice, CA) show: "CAMP FIREWOOD" Celebrating the 10th anniversary of WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER. The show opens tonight at 7pm at the newly opened Gallery 1988 in Venice, CA (they have 2 gallery spaces and the other is in LA). If you can make it out there i would highly recommend it as it will be hosted by the film's director and co-writer; David Wain! For all the info on the show just visit Gallery 1988's website.And in case you've never seen the movie (which you should if you like awkward, silly & hilarious 80's summer camp movies) check out the trailer here. And here is the scene in which i based my piece on...

Monday, June 6

Unused Logos

Here are some logo designs i made that never saw the light of day. The client liked choice C from the first batch and so it grew from there. Unfortunately they were never happy with designs i came up with and that's just the way it goes sometimes...

Wednesday, June 1

Turtle Power!

Here is my entry in the the ASOP Show: Shell Shock. I call it Turtle Power and it will be on display out Brave New Worlds comic shop in Philly starting Friday, June 3rd (6pm - 9pm) until the end of the month. I had a lot of fun going back and seeing all the characters (and toys) i used to have and sadly don't anymore. It was really hard choosing which characters to put in and which i had to ultimately leave out. And it was also hard creating this piece because apparently my computer couldn't handle the raw Turtle Power (or the absurd amount of objects and line work). Which brings me to my next point children... when is someone going to invent a computer that never needs upgrading and is always fast? Come on scientists, make it happen!

Tuesday, May 31

Upcoming Shows... boy howdy!

I have been really, really busy lately doing lots fun doodles. But there is a payoff in here somewhere... First off is another show at the amazing Gallery 1988 called Camp Firewood: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Wet Hot American Summer.
Gallery1988: Venice will open "Camp Firewood: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Wet Hot American Summer," with 60 artists paying tribute to the classic cult comedy. If you've never seen Wet Hot American Summer, you are seriously missing out. Since it's release in 2001, it's paicked up quite an audience, and the stars of the movie have picked up some extremely successful careers (Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, Jimmy Fallon head writer AD Miles, Amy Poehler, Joe Lo Truglio, Judah Friedlander). Created by the brains behind the MTV sketch show "The State," this movie is an absurd spoof of the 1980's sleepover camp (Meatballs-esque) comedy. You can check out the trailer by CLICKING HERE. And we're insanely privileged to have the movie's director and co-writer, David Wain, to host the art show! DREAMS DO COME TRUE. AND, we'll be producing a screening, along with the Q&A podcast with Jeff Goldsmith, but we'll have more details on that later. If you haven't seen the movie, it was currently added to Netflix streaming, so you have no excise now. (p.s. it's NSFW). Then come celebrate the movie's anniversary with us at G1988: Venice on June 10th, from 7-10 PM.

I can't reveal the piece i created for the show just yet but check back soon!

Next up is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show called Shell Shock presented by the Autumn Society of Philly.
 You are invited to one of the most EPIC pop-culture art shows we've ever put together! The Autumn Society ( & Brave New Worlds Comics (Old City, Philadelphia / join forces once more to bring you SHELL SHOCK (A TMNT ART SHOW & TRIBUTE).

Please join us in celebration to these heroes in a half shell that made our childhoods and the past 25+ years radical! Not only will the event be filled with most outstanding TMNT art, but we will be visited by Brittney Schneck's TURTLE VAN!!! Other super-rad surprises are planned as well.

You do not want to miss this one! COWABUNGA DUDES!


I will post the TMNT piece as soon as it is ready for your peepers! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 27

Come With Me If You Want to Live

Man, i just can't stop churning these babies out! The 4th and latest piece in the Arnold One Liner series is none other then probably his most famous role as the Terminator! I did a poll of what line i should use between "Come with me if you want to live.", "I'll be back." and "Hasta la vista baby" and let's just say the the one i went with won... by a lot.

And in case you were trying to figure out which Terminator this is, it's from Judgment Day.

Get Your Ass to Mars...

Up next, the 3rd piece from my Arnold One Liner series... "Get Your Ass to Mars" featuring Douglas Quaid from Total Recall!

Chick with 3 boobs... that is all.

Monday, April 25

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers!

Here is the second piece from what I am now calling "Arnold One Liners". This time we have Jack Slater (or Arnold Schwarzenegger depending on what part of the movie your watching) from Last Action Hero. Some people really hated this movie but I always loved it. I thought it was a great action flick while also making fun of the entire genre in a really clever way.

Friday, April 22

Get to the Choppa! **Update**

A friend of mine recently showed me this video and i got inspired. This piece is from my favorite Arnold movie by far; Predator. I'm actually thinking of doing a whole run of these with his awesome one liners...
"I'll be back..."
"Let off some steam, Bennett."
"Killian, here's your Subzero, now plain zero."
"Get your ass to Mars."
"It's not a tumor."
"Rubber baby buggy bumpers!"
"I need that Turbo Man doll!"
"Chill out."

What do you guys think? Should i do this new series?


I decided to revise the piece a little for 2 reasons. First, i completely forgot to put in Arnold's patented gap on his 2 front teeth... doh! And second, i felt the character as a whole was too small and needed to be made larger to see all the detail. The character is just as important as the catch phrase so i wanted them to be more equal and fill up the space more. Thoughts?

Thursday, April 21

Dangerous Curves Ahead

I've had this idea in my head for a while now and i finally a little down time between projects to do it. I call it Dangerous Curves Ahead... pretty self-explanatory. This will be available as a print at upcoming shows or if you were interested in one, you could email me as well. I kind of got the idea for it based on this photo. I kinda like that skull and crossbones (with wrenches), maybe i'll do something with that later on too. You likey?

Monday, April 18

No sleep for the weak...

I have been extremely busy recently... and not that that's a bad thing! From commissions to logo design to other projects; it just doesn't seem to stop. Here is my most recent piece. It is a gift for a lovely little family & their day at the beach! Welp... back to it!

Sunday, April 17

Animals Are People Too... Key Chains!

I've really had a lot of fun making these new animal drawings. So much that I've decided to make some key chains out of them. I just got them in the mail and spent this weekend attaching these little metal key chain hoops on them (and my fingers hurt now) and i have to say... they came out awesome! They are 1.5" big and made on 1/16" thick black acrylic (hard plastic). I will be selling these beauties at upcoming comic conventions. However, if you won't be at any of the upcoming conventions and you are interested in getting 1 (or 4!) just send me an email and I'm sure we can work something out. What do you guys think?