Saturday, February 20

Freddy Got Fingered Print **Updated**

Tonight I am going to see Tom Green in NYC do stand-up with some friends. And those same friends suggested I make a print to give to him! So why not?! I decided to do a print of Freddy Got Fingered, one of my personal favorites! Hopefully I can meet him, hopefully he will like it, and then hopefully that will somehow make me rich and famous! I'll do an update at some point letting you guys know what happened... stay tuned!


So we went to the show and it was... AMAZE-A-ZING! Tom Green was seriously hilarious as well his opening act Shawn Halpin! Our seats were touching the stage, and he was literally a foot in front of us for most of those show! He offered to let us touch his scar from his surgery but we didn't and instead he stood on our table and let some drunk girl behind us touch! Crazy! Afterward, Tom hung out at the front of the club to literally shake hands, say hello, and take pictures with the 100+ people that choose to wait in the huge line. When it was finally our turn we thanked him for the great show and told him how awesome and funny it was. Then I gave him the signed framed Freddy Got Fingered print and he was so excited! He asked how I made it and was so flattered that someone would make something for him and then he gave me a sharpie and asked me to sign the back of the piece for him! He really was one the nicest genuine people I've ever met, he was so appreciative of all his fans. To anyone that is a Tom Green fan, I highly recommend catchin' one of his shows if you can... go here for more info about it!PS - I seriously regret not taking a picture of us and Tom holding the actual print :-(

Sunday, February 14

The Office Cartoon Print

Here's a Valentine's Day special for you (and my sweetheart as well). I made this new print for my lil Kim for Valentine's Day for her new found favorite show (but don't tell anyone 'cause she's a closet Office fan...shhhhh!). But it is also available without the 'Happy Valentine's Day!' at the bottom if one were interested in having their very own Office print... hint hint wink wink.

Tuesday, February 9

Wicked Cool HBO Logo documentry from 80's

I just couldn't not share this with everyone... Just looking 'round the interwebs and I stumbled onto this really awesome documentary. It is a "Behind the Scenes / Making Ff"of this intro HBO used to play before their movies from the 80's. I think it is just really cool and interesting to see how much work and effort went into this 30 second clip that people probably just forgot about 5 seconds after it finished. And to also see how people did all these fancy things really without the use of 100% computer CG. Reminds me of awesome 80's movies, toys, as well as really cool Disney World attractions and stuff... oh and its got some KILLER music and clothing! But beware, it's a little over 10 minutes, so only watch if your at work or some other place where you should be doing something else but you don't want to...

Monday, February 8

Mr Incredible vs. Bomb Voyage

A long LONG time ago a good friend of mine asked me to do a piece for a charity auction that is taking place for the Bridgewater PBA #174. And I put it off long enough, but I have FINALLY finished my piece. It will going up for auction at some point in the future and if you guys are interested in bidding on my piece or one of the many other pieces (to name a few; Frank Cho, Walt Simonson, Mike Mckone, Jimmy Cheung, Mark Schultz, George Perez, Travis Charest & Sergio Aragones...) please go here for more info or contact Mike (aka Off White) White directly and just mention the Bridgewater PBA #174 Charity Art Auction somewhere in the email and tell'm Ian sent ya!