Monday, December 27

Greased Lizard T-Shirt ON SALE TODAY ONLY!

I know it's short notice but the coolest kat; Russ just notified my that one of my design; Greased Lizard is up for sale on Ript Apparel today. They didn't even notify me about it so I didn't have time to spread the word... so this will have to do! You guys should know the drill by now, the shirt will be on sale today for 1 day only for $10+ shipping and then it is gone forever! Please comment below if anyone ends up buying one! And last but not least, the link to start buying!

Thursday, December 23

New Business Cards!

Just ordered some new neato business cards! They will be double sided, UV coated (whatever that means) glossy, heavy card stock & last but not least... rounded edges!

Friday, December 17


I was recently asked to participate in another (AMAZING) show at Gallery 1988 in LA. This time around i was asked to create a new original piece based on one of my favorite comedians of the 80's. I can't tell you who it is (yet) nor display it on the web (yet) but i can tell you i think it is one of my best yet! As the show gets closer i can reveal more info but for now i can just give you some info about the show. The show will be opening on Friday, Jan. 7th at Gallery 1988 in LA, 7pm - 11pm. Check out the G88 website for more info as the date gets closer. The show is being presented by Funny or Die and hosted by Chris Kurumada and Michael Rapaport. Additionally, will also being premiering pieces up until the show opens on their website as well so keep checking for cool new artwork. On a side note, I will actually be flying out to LA for the show opening so if your in the neighborhood come stop by and say hello! My piece along with +100 others will be on sale and it will prolly be a mad house! And apparently there maybe some cool suprise guests at the show. Below is a small preview of my piece for the show...
Additionally, you may have noticed that i am doing 2 new conventions. I will be doing the WildPig show again and the Boston Comic-Con; both in April. Checkout the sidebar in the top right for more info.