Wednesday, November 3

Better Late then Never

So I have been super busy recently. Between going to Hawaii for 2 weeks for my Honeymoon and having tons of freelance on my plate posting has been real scarce... But a while back I did 2 smaller cons; the WildPig Con and BookFest. Below are some sketches and commissions i did while at those shows. I also worked on some stuff while in Hawaii which i will post later on but this should hold you over for now. I was thinking of making a print out of the Hawkeye commission cause i liked it so much. Thoughts?
Han Solo


Sailor Jupiter


Zombie Spiderman
Green Lantern Ranger Fan

Rainbow Man (i think he was a Flash villian)


Tutrle in a top hat

A Dragon


Harry Potter


shaun said...

Really liking Green Lantern Ranger Fan

IAN said...

thank u!

JasonB said...

hawkeye is really cool, also really like the zombie spiderman. Great work.

Magaly Guerrero said...

LOVE!!! your Spider-Zombie!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Flash villain's name is "Rainbow Raider".