Friday, November 26

Sean Quixote Commission

Here's another commission in the books. I have way too many to handle recently and I still have a bunch more to go... This time around i had to create a Don Quixote piece with this guy name Sean (who may or may not have a healthy obsession with Mister Quixote) and his adorable dog Sancho who has an over-bite!

Tuesday, November 16

That's a huge fish!

Here is a logo i made for an It has a bass in it who looks quite shocked. I like to think he is saying the following: "Wooooaaaahhhh. I gotta update my Facebook status!"

Wednesday, November 10

The Sawyer Bunch Commission

Another commission! This time they wanted it in a Brady Bunch style only to have their cats and dogs fill the spaces! Me-ow!

Wednesday, November 3

Better Late then Never

So I have been super busy recently. Between going to Hawaii for 2 weeks for my Honeymoon and having tons of freelance on my plate posting has been real scarce... But a while back I did 2 smaller cons; the WildPig Con and BookFest. Below are some sketches and commissions i did while at those shows. I also worked on some stuff while in Hawaii which i will post later on but this should hold you over for now. I was thinking of making a print out of the Hawkeye commission cause i liked it so much. Thoughts?
Han Solo


Sailor Jupiter


Zombie Spiderman
Green Lantern Ranger Fan

Rainbow Man (i think he was a Flash villian)


Tutrle in a top hat

A Dragon


Harry Potter