Tuesday, August 17

Ript Apparel T-Shirt for Sale!

I submitted my Prehistoric Rock design to a really cool 'One T-shirt a Day' website called Ript Apparel recently and it will actually be going up for sale! Here's the dirt... It will be on sale for one day only and then it will be extinct (going with the dinosaur theme here) forever! It will go on sale this Thursday, August 19th at 12:00am CST and will run through the entire day until 11:59pm. It only costs 10 huge dollars and $2.50 for shipping! So mark your calendars, iPhones, Blackberrys, alarm clock, Google calendars, smoke signals, spotlights, whatever you have to do to remember that it goes on sale this Thursday and then it's extinct forever! And tell everyone you know! So go post of your Facebook and Twitter thingies and whatever other cool social networking thing I've prolly never heard of to get the word out.


Here is a link to the site: RIPT Apparel

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