Friday, July 30

Prehistoric Rock

Recently I have decided that I need to do more original things. I have said this before but this time I mean it! Not that I don't love making my own versions and interpretations of already existing stuff... but I really want be able to make stuff that I can truly call my own. Maybe turn these designs into t-shirts, toys, stickers, etc. that 100% belong to me. So I have come up with a series of new characters that I will be posting every chance I get (or I should say, at least every time I make one!). They will all be animals doing 'people' stuff. So first up is Prehistoric Rock, because I love dinosaurs. So please let me know what you guys think (about my idea in general and this one in particular) in the comments section or by just voting down below. I'm open for suggestions if you guys want to see a certain animal doing / dressed up in a particular way. I already have a list of about 10 but I am always looking for more ideas, especially if you think it would make a neat-o t-shirt. But again, let's keep them original. So no bears dressed at Batman; even though that could be really cool...

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