Saturday, July 17

One Big Dump

I have been super swamped lately with multiple projects. I thought I'd just post them all at once for your viewing pleasure.

I met this really cool couple at this past Wizard World Philly and they got a commission from me. They wanted to use the drawing as their Save the Date but i told them i could do it up nice and digital like!

Next up is another Y: The Last Man commission but this time it was done traditionally. In this one I have Yorick & Ampersand fleeing the Capitol building!

This time around is a logo for a internet based company called TW Interactive Media.

Here is another logo i created a while ago for a sports bar & grill in Woodbridge, NJ. The client went with logo 'C'' which actually was my favorite of the bunch, that never happens with these types of projects! Check it out here. I actually have one more piece but I can't post it do some time sensitivity. I will post it later on when the coast is all clear.

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