Friday, July 30

Prehistoric Rock

Recently I have decided that I need to do more original things. I have said this before but this time I mean it! Not that I don't love making my own versions and interpretations of already existing stuff... but I really want be able to make stuff that I can truly call my own. Maybe turn these designs into t-shirts, toys, stickers, etc. that 100% belong to me. So I have come up with a series of new characters that I will be posting every chance I get (or I should say, at least every time I make one!). They will all be animals doing 'people' stuff. So first up is Prehistoric Rock, because I love dinosaurs. So please let me know what you guys think (about my idea in general and this one in particular) in the comments section or by just voting down below. I'm open for suggestions if you guys want to see a certain animal doing / dressed up in a particular way. I already have a list of about 10 but I am always looking for more ideas, especially if you think it would make a neat-o t-shirt. But again, let's keep them original. So no bears dressed at Batman; even though that could be really cool...

Sunday, July 25

Will You Marry Me?

This was the piece I wanted to post earlier post I waited because of the time sensitive material. I haven't spoken to Chris (the guy who commissioned me to do this) who was going to give this to his girlfriend when he asked her to marry him. But I hope things went well with that adventure! If you were wondering what it says in the giant heart shape in the background; well it says 'I love you' in a TON of different languages.

Wednesday, July 21

Site Redesign

So as you guys may have guessed... I am in the midst of a total site redesign. But to tell you the truth, this isn't the actual redesign I had intended for but I have been side tracked with other work so this one will have to do... for now! I'll actually post a picture of what I really want to do but don't have the time to finish up right now down below. But more to the point please let me know what you guys think about it. The look, functionality, features, etc. Please keep in mind I am not done. Some thing I am still in the process of doing is:
  • Updating the left navigation thumbnails to fit the look of the new site
  • Changing the background to a lighter design
  • Add more things to buy in the store and commissions section (large prints for sure!)
  • Probably changing the main banner image at the top (that's called a 'header' in web design talk)
But please feel free to comment or at least cast your vote at the bottom of this post (that's one of my favorite new features on the site by the way).

PS - I can't wait for Baltimore Comic-Con! Whose gonna be there? August 28th and 29th.

Saturday, July 17

One Big Dump

I have been super swamped lately with multiple projects. I thought I'd just post them all at once for your viewing pleasure.

I met this really cool couple at this past Wizard World Philly and they got a commission from me. They wanted to use the drawing as their Save the Date but i told them i could do it up nice and digital like!

Next up is another Y: The Last Man commission but this time it was done traditionally. In this one I have Yorick & Ampersand fleeing the Capitol building!

This time around is a logo for a internet based company called TW Interactive Media.

Here is another logo i created a while ago for a sports bar & grill in Woodbridge, NJ. The client went with logo 'C'' which actually was my favorite of the bunch, that never happens with these types of projects! Check it out here. I actually have one more piece but I can't post it do some time sensitivity. I will post it later on when the coast is all clear.

Friday, July 9

Retro Chase Print

Yet another retro name print! This time I was asked for a 'sports' theme. It breaks my heart to have to feature baseball (I should have been born in Canada) in the large square but I have to give the people what they want! I still got my little hockey stick there in the corner!

Monday, July 5

Y: The Last Man Print

The first of 2 Y: The Last Man commissions. The only requirements were to have Yorick and Ampersand in some way, shape or form. So since Yorkick aspired to be a magician (or more of an escape artisit) I went for one of those old carnival / attraction / magician posters. I really enjoyed this comic series, well except for maybe the lackluster ending. But seriously, there's no way that the ending could've lived up to the amazing start. But I would still go check it out for those who don't know the awesomeness that was Y: The Last Man. The next one will be a traditional ink and marker one like the previous Back to the Future commission, so check back soon!