Monday, June 21

Weekend Update with Ian...

About 2 weekends ago I was at Wizard World Philly and it was amazing. Thank you to everyone who came down and for contributing to my most successful show to date! I really appreciate everyone's support! Below are some pics from the show; some commissions, Kim and I in a real Back to the Future DeLorean, and a picture with me and Ernie Hudson! A friend of mine got a Ghostbusters commission / print from me and brought Ernie a copy of it. Ernie loved the print so much that he wanted to meet the person who made it so i ran over to his booth and talked with him a bit, shook hands and took a picture together! He was such an amazingly cool and down to earth guy. So appreciative of his fans and their enthusiasm!

"I've seen shit that would turn you white!"

That's all for now, see you in Baltimore batfans!
Who ya gonna call? ME! 'Cause me and Ernie Hudson are BFFF! Bust fuckin' friends forever! Well maybe in my fan boy dreams...

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