Thursday, June 24

Pulp Fiction Cartoon

I know I said I was gonna wait a little bit to show my piece (hehe, show my piece) for the upcoming Crazy 4 Cult show in LA at Gallery 1988 but I just can't contain myself. Well, that and a bunch of other artist's have started putting theirs up on the ol' interwebs too. So as you can tell I choose the movie Pulp Fiction as my topic. It is titled Pulp Fiction: Collect the Whole Set. I really love the movie and I wanted to really show many of the different scenes & characters so I had to think of a way do that and voila! Since the movie is Pulp Fiction I wanted to use some kind of a 'pulp like' medium to display that. So I thought of those old cheesy movie trading cards and thought this would be a pretty cool idea. I originally wanted to have the background actually be Marsellus Wallace's open briefcase. And the cards would be the 'glowing contents' but when I drew that out you couldn't really tell that is was a briefcase in the background so I just wimped out and made it a generic old wood counter top. I guess I failed as an artist, but I'm still really happy with the way it came out, so poo on you! This piece will be on display (and on sale) at Gallery 1988 when the show opens Friday, July 9th at the Los Angeles location only. This 1 of a kind print is a 12" x 12" stretch canvas print signed my yours truly for only $75 beans or some not as cool printed on not as futuristic heavy weight paper for a price that is not yet determined. So if you in the neighborhood go check out the show gonna it's gonna be redonkulous; all the show info is in the previous post or you can find out more by ---> clicking here <--- And remember, we're all gonna be like little Fonzy's, and what's Fonzy like?

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Alan said...


My name is Alan. I bought the canvas version of this artwork at the Crazy 4 Cult show on Friday. I'm actually over visiting from Ireland with my girlfriend so the piece will be coming home with me in August (hope you don't mind).

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I really like the piece, as well as the other art I have seen on your site and that I'm very happy with my purchase.