Saturday, June 26

**Updated** Half Baked Cartoon

I really love this movie. I find it gets funnier with age. Tonight I am going to go see Jim Breuer perform live at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick, NJ. Typically at the end of each show there is a meet & greet with the performers. So after the show is over I plan on giving him the piece signed and framed. I will update when and if I meet him with some pictures. On a side note... the reason I drew this scene is because Jim has said that during the making of this movie this was the only scene in which he was actually high for filming. I can never look at this scene in the same way again. Plus it's friggin' hilarious!

"Sucks to be you man!"


Jim was HILARIOUS! Not that I thought he wouldn't be. And even though he really didn't have anytime to stop and chat with fans because A) his set was really long B) he was actually hanging out with his family after the set and C) he had another show directly after the first set. But he still managed to take a couple of pics and sign some autographs. He was really gracious and appreciative of the Half Baked print i made for him! He loved it and said he would check out my website. And here's the really crappy picture we took with my crappy cell phone camera (my regular camera was dead and i didn't realize it until i was at the club... doh!)


russ said...

pictures kinda fuzzy. how can we be sure that really is who you say it is?

IAN said...

you'll have to take my word...