Monday, January 25

Retro Russ Print

Apparently these things are getting popular. My friend Russ commissioned me to do one of these unique retro prints for himself to hang in his basement. As seen in the picture, there are lots of fun things to do down there that don't involve hugging and kissing each other... and now I've said too much. And I must say it again, these are really fun to do so if anyone wants one of their own please just email me because I am always open for commissions (at a reasonable price I might add)!

Sunday, January 24

I know you are but what am I?

I know i said there won't be doing too many updates 'cause I'm busy working on my new site (which I am very excited for!) but I just could not resist posting this picture I got the other day. My good buddy Russell has a Beard surprised me with an email telling me he got a new tattoo and he decided to get one of my Pee Wee Herman doodle! It came out so friggin' awesome! I was so flattered by this and I had no idea he was even doing it! He just grabbed the doodle of my site and WHAM! My work is immortalized on someones body forever! I think its on one of his arms below his elbow by the photo he sent; but check it out for yourself!So cool...

Monday, January 11

Coming Soon...

So what is this you ask? Well it's the beginning of something new and big! It something that has been a long time coming; for me at least. At this time I am in the process of creating a bigger and better Doodles From My Noodle! It's a lot of work so I really won't be updating my blog for a little while. The new site will have all of the same functionality of this one but with some added features such as a better store and a streamlined navigation. The address will actually be changing back to like it used to be way back when (or possibly something entirely new). So be sure to update your bookmarks once it happens, but don't worry; there will be plenty of notice and this site will still be up once the new one goes up. That's all for now so keep checking back and see you in the future!

The future?
What's wrong with us? Do we become assholes or something?
No Marty, it's your kids! Somethings gotta be done about your kids!

Sorry, couldn't resist...