Tuesday, November 17


Just in time for you the season to buy lots of crap for lots of people... Gallery 1988 has recently released 35 super awesome limited edition prints of my Contra piece; titled "Consider Yourself a Hero". More specifically, is it a 11x14 giclee print on Ultrasmooth Fine Art paper signed and numbered by yours truly and will cost $50 bucks. And in case you don't know a giclee print on Ultrasmooth Fine Art paper is a super high quality vibrant print on super heavy stock paper; something that would make Dunder Mifflin proud. If you are interested in buying one of these babies you must contact Gallery 1988 San Francisco directly via phone - (415) 409-1376 or via email - gallery1988sf@gmail.com. You can also go here for more information. They also sell some other really cool art so go check it out online or stop by the gallery in San Fran or LA.

On a side note, I will be participating in the final show of the year. The theme for the final show is Hellboy (and friends and villains and super natural things and all things monstrous and tentically). The show will once again be at Brave New Worlds in Philly on Friday, December 4th. Oh and one more thing... check out this picture i took of my cat tonight on my phone...

Interweb, meet the Dex. Dex, meet the interweb.


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I'm sure he misses me

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