Monday, September 14

That's All Folks....

Just got back from Pittsburgh Comicon late last night with Kim and all i have to say is that Pennsylvania as a state is far to large. It takes way to long to drive across it... The con over all was a happenin' time. A little smaller then expected and still fun. Thanks to everyone for coming out and saying high and spending their hard earned cash. One of the highlights was doing sketches for charity with a whole bunch of really talented artists, specifically Adam Hughes. He is one of my absolute favorites and all around nice guy and i got to sit right next to him, hoping if i bumped elbows with him some of his talent would rub off... but no such luck. Check out some of the pics below as well as a link to the full gallery. See you in Baltimore, true believers!
Click to see the Pittsburgh Comicon 2009 Gallery

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K said...

I grow one wicked mustache.