Monday, August 3

What the hell's a jigawatt?!

I was looking at all those 'hip' t-shirts and gig posters that everyone makes now-a-days. So I thought I'd toss my 'hip' designers hat into the ring. And viola! Oh, by the way... I love Back to the Future.

"I've had enough practical jokes for one evening. Good night, Future Boy!"

On a side note ----> My Contra piece "Consider Yourself a Hero", was selected to be on display at Gallery 1988! Mine along with a couple choice pieces will be on display in this awesome gallery all the way in LaLa Land, or as it's normally called Los Angelos, California; near Beverly Hills i believe. Not sure, exactly when but they will go on display but I will kepp you posted. They will be making a limited run of 35 giclee prints on archival paper (or as i like to call it; very nice and pretty). They will be on sale for $50, 100 beans, 4 tacos, and one over-sized baby bottle at the gallery or on-line i believe. More to come as i find out... HOORAY!

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Karen said...

found this page by googling "what the hell's a jigawatt?" love your doodle!