Friday, August 21

The Samurai *Updated*

One of the things that I am always fascinated by is logo design. And i think that sports teams have some of the best logos out there. Some of them are so memorable and that is something i tried to emulate in these designs. These logos are actually for my roller hockey team; The Samurai. We are now down to the final color / design choices. My personal favorite is F, how ' bout you? Let me know what you guys think... there is a poll over there in the right hand side so go vote! Below is also the jerseys we are going to use once we pick a logo. My favorite is F again, but unfortunately since the league isn't that professional; we basically want to choose a jersey color based on what other teams have and there are already a lot of teams with red. So we may end up going with a white jersey for practical purposes. Some teams in my league don't even have matching jerseys, let alone multiple jerseys... oh well.

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Emily Glaubinger said...

these are GREAT! f is def the winner. my little brother. what a talent.