Friday, August 7

The Glory Days

Did this for a sketch jam over at Cave Drawing Ink. I guess I got a little carried away with the idea of 'sketch' but I was told it could be as sketchy to finished as I wanted. Well, the theme was 'Retired Superheros' and I did not want to waste the opportunity for such a cool topic. As the post says above; this piece is titled "The Glory Days". I took a lot of inspiration from The Incredibles here if you hadn't noticed. Man the movie rules... This piece will also be posted over at Cave Drawing Ink as well in competition with a couple of other piece of the same theme... so go vote for me in the contest! I believe you have a chance to win something just for voting... wooo!

Oh and my favorite part of this whole piece is the headline of the old framed newspaper. It reads, "Nazi Killer, Cap' Punches Hitler in Face". Now if that headline doesn't sell papers I don't know what does?!


russ said...

holy bajeebees that come out awesome!

my favorite part is still the skull holding up the books on the shelf. though punching hitler in the face is a close second.

jason quinones said...

that's so freaking cool!! totally embodies the spirit of cap. love all the details on that wall: the pin up girl, the red skull, the newspaper, the war photos. it all works GREAT together!

Jason Garrattley said...

I moderate a blog called "Kirby-Vision" which is dedicated to artwork inspired by the work of Jack Kirby. I would like, with your permission, to add this illustration to the project. I will provide a link to your blog along with a short bio with the posting.
If you have chance please take a look at the blog to see what it's all about.

AZeAerRe said...

Very cool!!Nice blog!

IAN said...

Thank you!