Thursday, August 27

The House of theFuture & more...

I was just crusin' round the interwebs when i should have been working and i stumbled on to this cool article about the House of the Future on this blog i read called Disney and More. If you aren't familiar with the House of the Future, it was an attraction that opened in 1957 that eventually closed and then recently reopened. This attraction was an actual house that displayed possile new technology that people would have in their homes in the future. Some really unbelievable artwork in it as well as some 'far out' concepts. What is really strange is how some of their far out concepts are actually pretty on par with the technology of today. As you know, i absolutely love this style artwork and the idea of a future that never was. I actually think theres a term for that; Retrology. I just felt like sharing one of the truly awesome pieces of artwork they had, so go check it out if you got some time. But wait... there's more! Last night i was watching some documentary on VH1; The Beatles Anthology 1. So i felt like drawing...

Saturday, August 22

Kirby Vision

Just wanted to give everyone a head's up that my Captain America piece; The Glory Days will featured on Kirby Vision, the blog for the Jack Kirby Museum website. It will be up this coming Tuesday, August 25th so go show some love! We now return to our regularly scheduled programming...

Friday, August 21

The Samurai *Updated*

One of the things that I am always fascinated by is logo design. And i think that sports teams have some of the best logos out there. Some of them are so memorable and that is something i tried to emulate in these designs. These logos are actually for my roller hockey team; The Samurai. We are now down to the final color / design choices. My personal favorite is F, how ' bout you? Let me know what you guys think... there is a poll over there in the right hand side so go vote! Below is also the jerseys we are going to use once we pick a logo. My favorite is F again, but unfortunately since the league isn't that professional; we basically want to choose a jersey color based on what other teams have and there are already a lot of teams with red. So we may end up going with a white jersey for practical purposes. Some teams in my league don't even have matching jerseys, let alone multiple jerseys... oh well.

Calling All Seamen...

Here is my latest entry for the Cave Drawing Ink sketch contest. Since I won the last one, I got to choose the theme this time around. And out of all of the choices there were, this was my favorite. However after I picked this topic I realized that even though I absolutely LOVED G.I.Joe toys when I was a wee one, I didn't really know much about them. I mean they were basically my favorite toys. I would have these huge battles with that took over my entire living room floor and fireplace area. Building forts and bases out of all of the VHS tapes we had... oh sweet childhood memories. But back to it, I based my favorites solely on who looked the coolest. I even (dare i say it?!) mixed and matched Joes and Cobras! But I realized I never really watched the cartoon or paid much attention to their names except for a few here and there; Snake Eyes! Seriously though, why would a Special Ops Team really need a ninja?! (besides the fact that ninjas are just cool...) And furthermore, why would their nemesis need one to counter act him? Why wouldn't someone just blow these guys up with a cannon or something?! Well anyways, I took this opportunity to make a cool cartoony WW2 recruiting poster and a side of sexual innuendo (in-your-endo). Well anyways... it's going to be up for voting again along side some other neato pieces in the contest so go vote for me here! You even have a chance to win the original sketch it's based on and a signed finished print! Wooooooooooooooooooooo!

Friday, August 7

The Glory Days

Did this for a sketch jam over at Cave Drawing Ink. I guess I got a little carried away with the idea of 'sketch' but I was told it could be as sketchy to finished as I wanted. Well, the theme was 'Retired Superheros' and I did not want to waste the opportunity for such a cool topic. As the post says above; this piece is titled "The Glory Days". I took a lot of inspiration from The Incredibles here if you hadn't noticed. Man the movie rules... This piece will also be posted over at Cave Drawing Ink as well in competition with a couple of other piece of the same theme... so go vote for me in the contest! I believe you have a chance to win something just for voting... wooo!

Oh and my favorite part of this whole piece is the headline of the old framed newspaper. It reads, "Nazi Killer, Cap' Punches Hitler in Face". Now if that headline doesn't sell papers I don't know what does?!

Monday, August 3

What the hell's a jigawatt?!

I was looking at all those 'hip' t-shirts and gig posters that everyone makes now-a-days. So I thought I'd toss my 'hip' designers hat into the ring. And viola! Oh, by the way... I love Back to the Future.

"I've had enough practical jokes for one evening. Good night, Future Boy!"

On a side note ----> My Contra piece "Consider Yourself a Hero", was selected to be on display at Gallery 1988! Mine along with a couple choice pieces will be on display in this awesome gallery all the way in LaLa Land, or as it's normally called Los Angelos, California; near Beverly Hills i believe. Not sure, exactly when but they will go on display but I will kepp you posted. They will be making a limited run of 35 giclee prints on archival paper (or as i like to call it; very nice and pretty). They will be on sale for $50, 100 beans, 4 tacos, and one over-sized baby bottle at the gallery or on-line i believe. More to come as i find out... HOORAY!