Monday, July 27

8-Bit + Beyond Show

On August 7th, be prepared to witness the Autumn Society's Video Game Show ( 8-bit & beyond) at Brave New Worlds Comics!

This latest collection of artwork will range from Super Mario Bros to the latest & greatest in the video game world! More information on this event and more will be posted throughout the month only here at THEAUTUMNSOCIETY.BLOGSPOT.COM

I am working on my piece... right now actually! Just taking a break to post about the latest upcoming show. It was going to be a scene from an unemployment office with a long snaking line of video game characters who are 'out of work'. There was going to be unshaven and out of shape forms of Toe Jam and Earl to Duke Nukem to Q*Bert to Paper Boy to the dog from Duck Hunt to many more (actually 20+) but... I started drawing that and got really lazy and didn't feel like drawing them all so I came up with another idea. The only hint I'll give is that it was my ALL TIME favorite game when i was little and probably a lot of other people's as well. Just keep your eyes peeled--


k said...

was this the game that you didn't want to walk away from so bad that you poo'd your pants? heheh!

IAN said...

Nooooooooo! That was Rampage!