Wednesday, July 29

Contra Cartoon Print **Updated**

New Version
Old Version

Just finished up my contribution for the upcoming show... 8 Bit & Beyond. I had many ideas but in the end i went with my childhood favorite video game... Contra! Maybe i subconsciously loved it cause it was kind of like Predator in video game form, maybe? Any thoughts, comments, suggestions? And if anyone was curious, the Japanese writing that runs vertically actually says "Kontora"; which is the direct translation from Japan of the word Contra. The other group of characters says "Consider yourself a hero" which is a line from the game after you beat it. Welp, that's it!

Monday, July 27

8-Bit + Beyond Show

On August 7th, be prepared to witness the Autumn Society's Video Game Show ( 8-bit & beyond) at Brave New Worlds Comics!

This latest collection of artwork will range from Super Mario Bros to the latest & greatest in the video game world! More information on this event and more will be posted throughout the month only here at THEAUTUMNSOCIETY.BLOGSPOT.COM

I am working on my piece... right now actually! Just taking a break to post about the latest upcoming show. It was going to be a scene from an unemployment office with a long snaking line of video game characters who are 'out of work'. There was going to be unshaven and out of shape forms of Toe Jam and Earl to Duke Nukem to Q*Bert to Paper Boy to the dog from Duck Hunt to many more (actually 20+) but... I started drawing that and got really lazy and didn't feel like drawing them all so I came up with another idea. The only hint I'll give is that it was my ALL TIME favorite game when i was little and probably a lot of other people's as well. Just keep your eyes peeled--

Tuesday, July 14

Skeleton Beard...

Another piece done for Russell has a Beard in skeleton-o-vision. Love those boots...

Friday, July 10

Who ya gonna call?

A little insight into the possibly *new* Ghostbusters movie. 3 things to note about this video:
1. Look at that beard!
2. The comments about the latest Indy movie...
3. Nice telescope

Thursday, July 9

Extree Extree -- Read All About It!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been working on some small freelance gigs, personal projects, etc and then without warning the old Curse of Ian struck! And if you don't know the Curse of Ian, it refers to the every computer that I've ever owned breaks unexpectedly, repeatedly, and any other word ending with 'edly' whenever it feel like it - most recently i was working on my computer at home and --BOOM! (literally) I thought it came from outside but apparently 3 little battery looking thingies on my video card exploded with what can only be described as a gun shot. This caused my screens to be filled with crazy static code like something outta the Matrix; in a bad way. Needless to say i freaked out cause this beast of a computer is barely even a year old and i always assume the worst and that i lost everything... But my nerdy friends helped me out and told me what was probably wrong with the computer (I didn't know to look in the actual computer and check the video card...) and they were right and then helped me find a replacement video card and viola! Back in business!

So now I am back where I was but... no I don't have any new artwork for you but just some cool links and stuff to check out for those looking to kill some time... so without further adieu...

Kevin Dart; he is currently my absolute favorite artist (of all time). His work is UNBELIEVABLE, it simply makes me smile when i look at it. I just bought his new book, Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7 and it came in the mail the other day and i can only use one word to describe it; inspirational. I had the chance to meet him in San Diego a couple years back and his stuff is just absurd. Go hit up his website and show him some love.

And next up is Rob Reilly. I've seen his work before and now i discovered he has a blog. Recently I spent waaaaaay to much time admiring all his awesome work on his site and you should too. It's really great stuff. I love the way he draws his characters (chins and fingers especially!). Go show'm some love.

Next on the agenda, I figure I should do a little pimping of my own. I recently discovered the wonders that is Deviant Art and if you haven't checked out my page yet go do so now! (by clicking here) It's really more or less what you see here but you can also see my other people's work (some friends, some not). You can also leave comments there and check out some of my favorite works by other aritsts. It's like all those social networking sites but for artists... down with Facebook, up with mini skirts!

And one last note, I will working on a new series of pieces shortly for myself. I will be trying something new. I arrived at this decision because I feel if am continually doing someone else's characters in my style I may be hindering my ability to grow as an artist. This does not mean I won't be doing other pop culture characters anymore, I just want to try something new. So those guys will be on hold for now. But don't worry, the new work (kinda keepin' it 'close to the vest' at the moment) will still be chock full of cartoony goodness, just different. I will start to post some new work as soon as things start to formulate. I look forward to hearing your reactions. So keep a weather eye on the horizon...

... 'nuff said.