Sunday, June 28

The Golden Age Show!

Come and get your nostalgia fix from the 1930s - 1950s with the astonishing Autumn Society at their thrilling 4th gallery show! Featuring works of art inspired by the glorious Golden Age of Comics and Animation!

The Autumn Society
80's Pop Show
Brave New Worlds, Philly
Friday, July 3rd, 2009
Be There!

Poster Illustration by Eamon Dougherty / Design by Chogrin

Thursday, June 25

Superman Redux...

Now I know what you're thinking, this is the same Superman piece as the previous post but here's the thing about that... YOU'RE WRONG! The piece actually started out as a gift and then I realized that there was another upcoming art show like the previous 80's Pop Show. Only this time the theme is The Golden Age of Cartoons and Comics. So, I took the piece I made as a gift and tweaked it a bit to better fit the subject matter and viola! So here is my Golden Age piece titled, "Look Up in the Sky...". The piece will be on display for the month of July starting on Friday the 3rd at Brave New Worlds in Philly. More info coming soon...

Wednesday, June 24

Look Up in the Sky, It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's...

...a small gift for a small person. My cousin just had a baby named Ethan and I thought I'd make him a picture of the world's best boy scout, because let's face it... there is no better role model then SUPERMAN! I think it might just be me but seriously, when I think of Superman the only thing I can think of is that amazing scene in the Iron Giant when the Giant is flying towards the nuclear missile at the end of the movie. And he hears Hogarth's voice telling him "You are who you choose to be..." and the Giant says in his awesome Vin Diesel voice... "Superman...". Great flick, great frigging flick! Well anyway, here is the finished piece. I hope he likes it even though hes not even a month old...

Tuesday, June 23

Wizard World Philly... Great Success!

So this past weekend I was down at Wizard World Philly and it was a blast! I met a lot of cool new people, saw a lot of familiar fan faces, drew a TON of sketches, and sold a boat load of doodles! A big thanks to everyone who came down, especially to Kim, Russ, Ant, Bizarro Dave, Superfan™, and to Mr. Dirk Strangely. Also, lots of fun hanging Dave, Scott, Tom, Off White, Mark, Jim, Tom R., Joe, and many more! Below are some choice photos and you can view the rest by clicking the link to the photo gallery at the bottom of the post. See you in Pittsburgh!
Wizard World Philly 2009 Gallery

Wednesday, June 17

The Force is Strong with this one...

My latest contribution to Superfan's™ ever growing collection of original artwork. His simple request; Darth Vader surrendering over to the light side. And the rest as they say, is space dust...

Wednesday, June 10

**UPDATED** Beauty's Only Beard Deep

I can't really write much about this one that will make you better understand the finished product. Just know that it is going to be the art for a new album for this guy and it was exactly what he wanted! He wanted it loosely based on this photo as well.

Tuesday, June 9

Back to the Future "Save the Date"

Just finished up this freelance piece for Chuck and Ellen. It's going to be (obviously) a Save the Date card or magnet they are going to send out for their wedding. Chuck simply requested the following:

"I'd love a custom illustration of me and my fiancée for the cards. And I was thinking it would be ultra dorky to get one of me on the hoverboard, holding my bride - similar to the bit at the end of BTTF3 where Doc rides off on the hoverboard holding Clara."

Amazing request! And I assured him there was no such 'dorkyness' involved in this request! So ask and you shall receive. I even threw in the double tie for good measure.

Monday, June 8

No way....

Unrelated to art but... Long story short, this past Saturday Kim and I spent the day doing the following:
  • Saw a sound check with about 50 other people of Nine Inch Nails
  • Toured the backstage area and met all the crew (and saw my old buddy Phil)
  • Ate some good food backstage with other NIN fans.
  • I watched the show (all but the last 3 or 4 songs) from on stage; actually no more then 5 to 10 feet behind the band!
  • Took a ton of pics (some super cool and some super blurry awesome !)
  • Got to meet the band, get some autographs and...
That's right.... I got to meet Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails this weekend!* It was sooo amazing and they were all unbelievably nice. I will say that Justin (last guy on the left who is the current bassist for NIN) is the nicest man alive! And I even got to have a convo with Trent about how we both don't like social networking sites and that he "dipped his toe in to it, but now he wants to pull out". Isn't that cute, me and Trent Reznor both don't like that crap, we shared a moment! Oh my! That's all for now. I've been very busy doing some freelance projects lately and I will post them when I am allowed** to.

*Thank You Kim
**Thank You Anthony for being my spell checker

Check out the Full Gallery Here!

Thursday, June 4


The upcoming 80's Pop Show that I have been yammering on about recently is coming up this Friday and going on throughout the month of June. But really the point of this article is to tell you that the show is being featured at /Film. And more importantly, out of the 80+ (how ironic, there are 80 or so pieces of artwork for an 80's show!) they chose to feature a handful on the site and mine is one of them! Woo woooooooooooooo! Besides that being cool, the site itself is pretty awesome sauce! If you have time, I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, June 3

So Cool...

Let me start this off by saying I am not a fan of Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Just not my cup of tea... however I was crusin' the interwebs and saw there was a video for a new game coming out; The Beatles: Rock Band. It only caught my attention 'cause there was one screen shot from the video game trailer next to it with with some really cool style cartoon image of the Beatles, so I decided I'm just gonna give it a look cause I do like the band. Now let me say in no way does this make me wanna play the game at all but seriously... this is a stunning display of animation and talent. Give it a look for some really really cool music, animation, and just all around fun. When I see things like this it is what makes me want to draw for the rest of my life... enjoy.